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our learning this week

This week is all about KEYWORDS!  As I am sure you remember this was a focus during our home learning and we are now ensuring that they are aware of how important these are in our reading and writing. This is the way to develop the fluency of reading and also confidence in writing sentences.  We will be having keyword treasure hunts, 1-1 reading and guided reading activities and will also work on these in our handwriting sessions.  Please continue to support your children with the recognition of these keywords at home.


In our maths we will be working on addition - again finding out how many ways to make 5 and then extending this to 10.  You can support this learning at home via the link  The class especially enjoy making 10 when they have to collect their pencils to play hide and seek!  We talk about how many we have in our jar (5) and how many are left to make 10!  Wonderful answers and the children are using their fingers to help them work it out as well as their 10 frame knowledge.


In our challenges we are starting our learning walks again.  We spend time with a grown up in our groups investigating the areas around our classroom.  We talk about the different activities and how these can be used to develop our main challenge - pirates.  For example in our sand area we can make a pirate story - create a cave using wet sand and hide the treasure from our friends - they then have to count out how many treasure pieces they get to make sure they have them all.  We can also create a treasure map to locate it!  We then talk together about how we will solve these challenges, what we need to help us and how we can support each other along the way.


We have been very proud of how the children have come back to school, how well they have worked and how enthusiastic they are with their learning.  We have talked about Easter and how this is to celebrate new life - we have also made an Easter card to celebrate with our families and all send best wishes for  a wonderful Easter holiday.


Thank you for all your support and we are looking forward to a fantastic summer term.