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Friday 12th February



Literacy - 45 minutes
Class Story - 15 minutes
Guided Reading - 30 minutes
Maths - Starter - 15 minutes
Maths Main - 45 minutes
Mrs Wordsmith - 15 minutes
Spellings - 15 minutes
Computing - 45 minutes
RE - 45 minutes



Please also remember to complete your reading for 20 minutes a day. Once you have finished your reading book, complete an AR test using the useful links page (tree icon).

Also, please complete 10 minutes of consolidating your times tables and division facts by using TTRockstars. The link for this is also on the useful link page (tree icon).


Today you are going to be 'publishing' your story. In your neatest handwriting, copy out the full edited version of your story. Make sure that you read the story through to yourself beforehand to ensure it all flows and makes sense. 

Class Story

 In school an adult will read to you for approximately 15 minutes a day. We have chosen to read to you Harry Potter, a well known children's story, with Bloomsbury's permission. Today there is an extra session to listen to, either today or over the weekend. 

Friday Class Story - Part One

Friday Class Story - Part 2

Guided Reading

L.O. I can recommend a text.

Today I would like you to create a poster, pitching why people should read your chosen text. Make it eye-catching and use persuasive language to draw the reader in. 

Maths - Starter

L.O. I can answer calculations mentally.

Look at the first sheet of calculations attached and choose the column of questions which is your level of challenge. Please try to push yourselves and not just pick the questions you know you can answer easily. 

Maths warm-up worksheet

Maths- main

L.O. I can solve multi-step word problems.

Today you are going to be carrying on with word problems. Remember to apply RUCSAC when working through your questions (see video from yesterday if you need to recap) and try some of the spicy challenge cards if you feel ready to stretch yourselves even further.

Mrs Wordsmith

Please find attached your Mrs Wordsmith word of the day. Make your way through the video, pausing when there is an activity to complete.

Mrs Wordsmith

Still image for this video


Below are your spellings for this week. Today I would like you to use each of your words in a sentence, ensuring that you know the correct use/meaning of each homophone.


Group One 

advice, device, practice, licence, prophecy, advise, devise, practise, license, prophesy, ascent, assent, cereal, serial


Group Two

appliance, reliance, compliance, defiance, variance, assurance, endurance, insurance, appearance, clearance, forbearance, hesitance, dominance, tolerance


Group Three

load, oak, boat, coat, foam, goat, loaf, toast, float, coach


L.O. I know why it is important to understand motives for online content.

This week is safer internet week. I would like you to listen to the virtual assembly and then make your way through the attached video PowerPoint. I am talking through the slides, however if you would like to mute and go through the slides at your own pace, that is fine too.


Still image for this video


As part of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, there is a big party for family and friends. These can be quite lavish affairs, if the child comes from a wealthy family. Below are some ideas for Bar/Bat Mitzvah party themes. Today, I would like you to create a party of your own. What theme will you pick? What activities will be on offer? How will you decorate the venue? What food and drinks will be served? You can display your ideas however you like. 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties