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Challenge 1

LO: To recognise and classify invertebrates.


Miss Bridges is here to teach you the next lesson in our science topic. Watch the video below and complete the tasks she has set for us!

Science- invertebrates

We have thought about different ways to group living things. But today we are going to be thinking specifically about invertebrates.

Now go on a walk of your local area, you could visit the wood or just go into your back garden. Can you find any invertebrates? You could use the classification key to help you identify them. Draw pictures of what you find.

Challenge 2

LO: To explore different habitats 


The place in which a plant or animal lives is called a habitat.


Can you think of different habitats? 


Let’s think of a few together: ocean habitat, urban/ city habitat, rainforest habitat, woodland habitat, rainforest habitat, desert habitat, artic habitat.


Choose at least two different habitats from this list and research them. What animals live there? There is a link to a website which you could use below. 


Once you have a list of animals- can you think of classification questions you could use to sort them?

Science habitats_Trim.mp4

Still image for this video