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This week we are developing our own dragons, what they will look like and what they will be able to do.  We are discussing this with our friends and always making sure they will be friends with Zog!  We are finding out about other dragons from stories (see our home link document for more information!)

We have turned our homecorner into a castle for both Zog and princess Pearl and are creating lots of stories.  We have also been continuing with our challenges, ensuring that we can help Zog along the way!

In our phonics we are developing the ability to read and write using the sounds we have learnt so far and also our new tricky words.  We have also got a phonic challenge where we are writing words from a basket of objects that Zog has found.

In maths this week we are investigating all the words relating to capacity - using words such as empty, nearly empty, full, and nearly full!

We have also been working hard on the skill of balancing - this is tricky but we are persevering!

Please see the home link information with more activities and links to support learning at home and if you require any further information please email:

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Look at our favourite ways of balancing our bean bags!