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WOW what a fantastic learning walk this week - the children were very focused on how they wanted to challenge themselves and the tasks they wanted to achieve.  Ideas such as

creating a new castle for Sir Gadabout as his old one had broken,

a new castle for Princess Pearl and Zog because Zog had hurt his wing

a swimming pool for the mermaid to use whilst she was getting better with a sunscreen machine in it!

A special milkshake to help Zog and Princess Pearl to feel better!
Look at the learning walk information and photographs below to see some of our wonderful creations!

In other learning we are continuing with our digraph and trigraph work this week, including using these in our diary writing, list writing and sentence writing!  We are also working hard on forming letters correctly in all areas of our writing.  In maths we are recapping our doubling work and have learnt a rhyme which is helping us remember all our double facts.  We are also creating a new celebration card - using the skills of printing that we have been investigating and then....... Our challenge from Zog....... All of the flying doctors get very wet in the rain when they are looking after all the animals, they have asked if we could help them investigate some materials to see what would be best to create them waterproof coats.  Look out for more info later in the week!  Please see some useful links to support learning at home on our home link document above and if you require more information, please email

Our Investigation work this week

We have been set a HUGE task from Zog..... the flying doctors need to have some raincoats and have found some different materials that they may use.  They have asked us if we can investigate the different materials to find the best one to make a raincoat!  We were very happy to take up the challenge and decided how we can test it out.  We had to make 'fake rain' and decided to use a bowl of water.  We then said that to make sure it was waterproof and the water would roll off.  We had great fun being investigators and identified after lots of work that the best material was the material that has plastic in it - the plastic paper would not bend enough for a coat but the bags and bubble wrap would be brilliant!  We then designed how we would then want the coat to look.

See the photographs of our investigations below......