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Tuesday 9th

Lockdown Day 25 (Tuesday)



LO: Convert between fractions, decimals and percentages


This lesson builds on yesterday, and looks at converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.


This is a recap lesson, and when we did it in class you all did very well! The video shows the comparisons very visually, so hopefully that will help to explain things.


You know the drill: watch the video, complete the task as they come up and then have a go at the worksheets at the end.




LO: Plan a biography


We are now going to plan our biography.


The above video focuses on how to plan it. I want you to use the structure supplied in order to plan a biography of your own. However, you do NOT need to do it about Charles Darwin; you can do it about whoever you like!


This could be your favourite sports person, your favourite celebrity, favourite superhero- whoever you like! Of course, if you choose to do Charles Darwin, then you will have already done the research last week- if you choose someone new, you’ll have to do the research and put it in the form the video shows you.



Read through the inference PowerPoint and complete the tasks.





LO: Understand the impact of drugs and alcohol on the body


Re-read your notes from yesterday, going back through the PowerPoint if necessary.


Complete the ‘impact of illegal drugs and alcohol’ sheet.


The Rest


- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- TT Rockstars


Mrs Wordsmith- Butterfingered

Have a look through the attached PowerPoint. Much like in class, see if you can work out the missing words and then practise using the word in sentences. Maybe try using it in a sentence with a semi-colon or in a De:de sentence.

Furthermore, see if you can use it in this week’s writing tasks!




Watch the video and discuss the questions with someone else in your home.



Shadowmancer- Part 2