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Monday 22nd June 2020

Hello Beech Class,


Great work last week! Keep it up!

Hello Beech Class! 22nd June 2020

Who needs the Tate when we've got Beech Class?


This week in our maths we will be thinking about patterns. We can see patterns all around us, in pictures, fabrics, numbers and even hidden inside some computers. Patterns are really important in maths. It’s important that we can spot patterns and that we can spot when they aren’t quite right!


Have a look at these pictures, can you fill in the patterns? (You don’t need to print the picture out, you can draw your own sketches.) Can you write the rules for these patterns?

Have a go using some of your own things at home to create patterns. You could use buttons, Lego, stickers… anything. Can you write the rule for your pattern?


We have worked with lots of patterns in Year 2.  Have a look at this… is it the two times table or a pattern?

These patterns should be quite familiar to us in Year 2! Can you write the rules for these patterns?

Have a go completing this patterns quiz!

Have a go completing these number patterns. You will need to look really carefully at the patterns to work out how the numbers are changing. Think about what you know about the times tables. (You don’t need to print these out, you can just copy them down.)


I have also added a Lego pattern challenge that you might like to try.

Don’t forget to log in to Times Tables Rockstars to keep practising those tables! I’ve seen some phenomenal scores on there- keep it up!



Have a look at this video. This is the story that we read last week.

Enchanted Lands: The Magic of the Faraway Tree - The Land of Dreams (1997)

If you climb through the Magic Faraway Tree and into the clouds, you will find yourself in one of the Enchanted Lands. Joe, Fran, Beth and the Faraway Folk a...

Did you notice any differences between the chapter in the book and the video?


This week I am going to be setting two challenges, it is up to you which you choose to do, or if you wanted to really challenge yourself you could have a go at both!

Challenge A:

Last week you were inspired by Joan Miró’s artwork and you created your very own Land of Dreams. This week I’d like you to use the dream land that you created as the setting for an adventure. As we said, dreams can be a bit funny and don’t always have to make perfect sense. This means that you can let your imagination run wild! I wonder what exciting things might happen in the place that you created last week… Will it be good dream? Will it be a scary one? (If it is a scary one please let me know when you email it to me- I don’t want to be reading anything too terrifying just before going to sleep!)


Challenge B:

Have you ever been somewhere that has information leaflets?

You have now read about and watched a video about ‘The Land of Dreams’. I would like you to create your own information leaflet about ‘The Land of Dreams’. Imagine you were going to visit. What would you like to know about a place before visiting? Would you like for there to be a map?

Think really carefully about the information that you will need to include. Think about how you can write this information in a way that is clear for others to read.

I’d also like for you to use Collins Connect to read ‘The Sneezles’ and complete the activity at the end.



I don’t know about you, but I am missing the play equipment at the park! This week I would like you to design, make and evaluate a piece of play equipment for a toy or teddy so that they can have some fun!


Even though we can’t go and play on this equipment at the moment, we can go and have a look at it for some ideas and inspiration- I’m sure you all already know what makes something lots of fun! You could also use the internet to look at exciting play equipment around the word- I wonder if you will see anything that inspires you. 


Think back to how we have designed things before. We drew pictures and tested out ideas- you might want to try out using different materials around your home.

When we are making we try to follow our plans, but we learnt that sometimes and idea doesn’t work quite as we had hoped so we need to change it a little bit. That’s okay!


When we evaluate we look at what we have created and we think about what went really well and if there is anything that we could change to make it better.




Enjoy exploring the outdoors and the lovely weather that I hope is on the way!


Have a go at some Cosmic Yoga. 

Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

GET THOSE WRIGGLES OUT with a mix of our Yoga Disco tracks. Yoga-based movement set to upbeat music. Can you do the full 12 minutes? 0:00 Washing Machine Son...

Have a super week!


Take care,

Miss Pritchard