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Fir Class playing capture the flag with New Fir Class! 22-07-15


This week we went outside to measure different things around Manea Primary School. We needed to choose an appropriate measuring device and then convert our measurements to mm, cm and meters. We had a great time finding some interesting things to measure and using our multiplication skills and conversion knowledge. 

Yesterday, we went to the beach and had such a fantastic day! We started our day by building the Aztecs temple, Tenochtitlan, in the sand. Throughout the day, we discussed the tide and why we thought it came in and out, we are going to do some more on this next week and write an information text! We went around Hunstanton to explore and some of us came back with lots of amazing goodies. Today, we are writing some fantastic diary entries about the day we had yesterday! Our best entries will go up on the school website, so stay tuned!

What a fantastic diary entry, well done!!!


Dear Diary,

I stepped out on to the tremendous and vast coast of Hunstanton’s sublime seaside. The scent of the salty sea crept up my nose and made me shiver all over. The thieving seagulls screeched and sawed in the cyan blue sky. I saw a boy (not an actual boy a floating flag in the middle of the sea) in the majestic dark blue ocean. I could taste the salty sea and the succulent fish and chips.


Quickly and loudly, Miss Taylor blew the whistle and summoned all of fir class. She sent a group of 6 people to go to the Arcade, Joke shop and the Fish and chip restaurant. In the titanic Arcade my friend and I (my friend is Benjamin) went to the claw machine and I put a pound into the machine and I won a dinosaur. When I saw that I won it I screamed “oh my gosh I won the Tyrannosaurs Rex.” I was so ecstatic. Benjamin, who was extremely jealous, tried to win something , but failed.


After all that, we visited the famous Fish and chip shop. We bought some Fish and chips and they were so tasty I could hardly contain myself. Then we went back to the beach were everyone was waiting to go. The next group done the exact same expect for winning something in the Arcade.


After all that, we got back on the coach. The temperature was 28 digress. I was feeling very upset that we had to go , but happy at the same time , because I manage to get a souvenir from the Arcade and I had a massive bowl of chips. But the prize was probably the best part of it all. Surprisingly I was the only one to win something , because everyone else bought something from the shop. 


This week we planted our flower bed to represent the Harry Potter stories. We discussed what we thought it would look like and got lots of ideas from the book. Come back on line this week to see our finished results...


We are going to the pit today to to sketch pictures in the style of an artist and write a poem about our senses... pictures will be on by the end of today!


This week we wrote a long descriptive piece of writing about summer. We went outside and ran around the field taking in everything we could see; we also discuss our other senses. We have been doing poetry all week and we realised that this would help us with our use of language, as we had a better grasp on descripting writing and language play. We stayed outside in order to help us describe the setting in as much detail as possible. Have a look at some of our fantastic pictures…

Maths 11.06.15

We had such a fantastic time in maths today! We were drawing and measuring angles, which was a fantastic opportunity to go outside and play! We stood on our angle line and hit the ball, after that we drew a line to show the angle of the hit. We measured this and then drew it in our book. Then we found out what we would need to add to that angle to make a straight line (180 degrees) and a full circle (360 degrees). Have a look at some of our fantastic pictures…


This afternoon we went to the woods to build dens. We had a brilliant time creating our dens and took a vote at the end of the day, looking at the structure of the dens and how sturdy they were! We even tested whether the dens we water proof! We linked it to our class book, 'Kensuke's Kingdom', and pretended we were on a desert island, stranded! We put ourselves in the role of Michael and created a den that could provide shelter for a long period of time. Look at some of our fantastic pictures!  

Welcome to Fir class,

This week we have started and finished our class book Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. This book was meant to last us the nest couple of weeks, but it was so exciting and interesting, that we just had to finish it!

We went outside to read the book in our great enviornment and talked about what sounds we would here if we were on the desert island with Michael. We also created freeze frames to show each other are predictions were. In maths we looked at measures and conversions. Willow class politely lent us their outdoor classroom, where we looked at scales and weighed sand and mud. We used other areas of mathematics to apply the inverse rule to find out the amount we needed to add to get to 1kg. Some of our group made a mud pie out of the outdoor resources availiable to us. They wrote the ingredients and converted the weights.

Have a look at some our fantastic pictures!