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Each homework activity has been split into three groups. Please email if you would like guidance on which challenge is suitable for your child. 


In year three children are expected to read five times a week. Accelerated reader will soon be available to most children and will be able to take quizzes in class during various points of the day. Feel free to e-mail about the different books you are reading at home.


Medium Spicy Hot
he banking banking
she bending bending
me blinking blinking
be ducking ducking
  batting dusting
  stepping batting
  running stepping
  claiming fibbing
  feeling putting
  boiling  running



Tips for adding the suffix 'ing' 

Vowel suffix ‘ing’

These words change tense by adding ‘ing’ to a verb (doing word).

  • Vowels are the letters ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘u’, all other letters are consonants.
  • Vowels can make a short sound (‘a’ as in ‘tap’) or a long sound (‘a’ as in ‘tape’).
  • A suffix is a letter or letters added to the end of a word to make another word.
  • Verbs are ‘doing’ words or actions (run, skip, jump, shout etc).
  • A verb can be written in the past (I ran), present (I am running) or future tense (I will run).

Syllables are the beats in a word: ‘do’ (1 beat), ‘do-ing’ (2 beats), ‘un-do-ing’ (3 beats).

One syllable words with long vowel sounds or two vowels followed by a final consonant: just add ‘ing’.

One syllable words with a short vowel followed by two or more consonants: just add ‘ing’.

One syllable words with a short vowel followed by a final consonant: double the final letter.


Please use TTrockstars regularly you will be focussing on recapping the 2x, 5x,10x and the 3x tables. In year 3 we introduce the 4x and 8x tables. the children will also be taught to count in steps of 100 and 50.

Please ask Mr Lenton if you have lost your log in details.


Look at the numbers below. Write them out and order them. can you tell which numbers are missing? can you describe how you have ordered them? Can you order them in a different way? 


12   23  4  9  18  27  1  


How quickly can you complete these number bonds? Can you improve your time over the week?




Medium- Write a list of words that describe the creature below.


Spicy- Write descriptive sentences about the creature below.


Hot- Write a character description about the creature below. Use the checklist below to help you.