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Wednesday 13th

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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


With permission from Harper Collins- Part 2

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


LO: To write sentences which contain dialogue and adverbial phrases. 

Warm yourselves up by adding the correct punctuation into the sentence below.


Forgive me but are you what the call a girl cried mr tumnus of course im a girl said lucy.


Let’s consider how these characters are talking. Are they talking loudly? Quietly? Adding more information to the verb, is called adding an adverbial phrase.


Watch the videos on this page to help you remember what an adverbial phrase is:


Click HERE for another online lesson on how to punctuate speech.

Stop at 2.07

Mrs Wordsmith

Here is today's word:



Can you find the synonyms and word pairs?


Now find the missing words in these sentences: 


LO: To solve problems involving time

Let’s start by learning your 7 times tables.


Can you find the missing number in this problem?



Have a look at the time now. What time is it now? What time was it an hour earlier? What time will it be an hour later?

Practice finding times earlier and later e.g. half an hour earlier than quarter past 2.

Try the worksheet below.

Guided Reading

LO: To answer questions about a text

In school, we have practised using skimming and scanning to help when answering a question in a text.

Have a go at answering the questions linked to Rocky’s Christmas- make sure you look back at the text.

  • Where in the text does it show you that Rocky is a dog?
  • How does Rocky feel about the cat at number 18? How is this shown in the text?
  • What is Rocky’s view of Christmas? How do you know?
  • What did Stacey get for Christmas?
  • How did Rocky feel when he saw Santa? Evidence the text…
  • Adverbs are used throughout the text, give three examples. Why are they used?
  • Why do you think Rocky thought it was a wonderful Christmas day?
  • If you could ask Rocky three questions, what would you ask?

Guided Reading 13.1.2021


LO: To sort using a sorting branch diagram.

Last week, we started to think about sorting living things using a Venn diagram. Today we are thinking about using classification keys. They look like this:

Have a go at completing this classification key:

Can you create your own classification keys? You could start by using sweets like liquorice allsorts! Then use your own ideas of animas (or the pictures from last lesson) to sort living things.