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Tuesday 2nd March

Daily video 2.3.21

Daily Timetable
Literacy - 45 mins
Class story - 15 mins
Guided Reading - 30 mins
Zoom session - 30 - 40 mins

Maths - Starter - 15 mins

Maths - Main - 45 mins
Mrs Wordsmith - 15 mins
Spellings - 15 mins
Science - 45 mins
PSHE - 45 mins


Please also remember to complete your reading for 20 minutes a day. Once you have finished your reading book, complete an AR test using the useful links page (tree icon).

Also, please complete 10 minutes of consolidating your times tables and division facts by using TTRockstars. The link for this is also on the useful link page (tree icon).


L.O. To use a storyboard from a piece of narrative text.

Watch the opening scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (PG rated film) and draw a storyboard from it, and write sentences describing your scenes next to them. You can either use your own format of the storyboard template provide below.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - the first scene (HD) - PG rated film

Guided Reading

L.O. I am learning to infer using a picture.

Class Story

Maths - Starter

L.O. I am learning to add and subtract fractions and decimals.

Using the skills you have learned so far, complete the calculations in the attached document.

Maths - Main

L.O. I am learning to find equivalent fractions.

You are going to continue with find equivalent fractions, following yesterday's lesson. Re watch yesterday's link if you need to. Then complete the worksheets underneath.

Mrs Wordsmith


We have changed the spelling test day to a Tuesday. These are the spellings we gave you last week and you practised yesterday. Ask someone in your household to read the words out to you one at a time, then write the words down. The mark the spellings afterwards. We would love to know what your score is. Good luck!

Group One

fowl, flower, dowse, how's, allowed, foul, flour, douse, house, aloud, poring, pouring, morning, mourning

Group Two

intelligence, innocence, emergence, translucence, consequence, incidence, coincidence, confidence, residence, evidence, reference, preference, conference, adherence, interference

Group Three

tube, prune, brute, duke, rude, refuse, cute, flute, June, cube


L.O. I understand the physical stages of the human life cycle.

Please read the explanation text attached which explains all about the life cycle of a human. You can also watch the attached clip from BBC Bitesize which will briefly introduce you to the main stages. Once you have finished reading the text, please complete the follow up questions.


L.O. I am learning to identify the dangers of electricity within the home.

Watch the lesson below and complete the activities within it.