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16th April 2020

Welcome back everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Easter, the Easter bunny was good to you and you aren't all missing school too much.


We are now into the first half of Summer term, your final ever term in Primary School! Although we aren't together for it currently, I have a new project for you to get your teeth into.


I'm sure many of you are thinking about what you would like to do when the isolation restrictions are lifted. Well, if going to a theme park was one of those thoughts, you wouldn't be alone. Rumour has it that actually, theme parks are going to be so full that they may need to build more, and so are asking for theme park ideas from the nation's children! (This may or may not be a lie.)


Either way, our new project is based around theme parks!



If you open the above link, you will see the details of our new project. You will be designing and then running your own theme park over the course of three 'seasons'. Each season you will have the opportunity to upgrade and improve your theme park. The goal is to make as much money as possible!


The Details


- Each week I will set you the challenge of completing a certain number of tasks. Try not to skip too far ahead, even if you get excited! 


- The initial designing of the theme park can be done on a full a4 sheet in your maths books. If you want, you could do it on a3 paper, but obviously you can only do that if you have some a3 squared paper at home, or have the ability to print off a3 at home. 


- You can print the pack off if you have the capability at home, or just do the different tasks in your maths book. The choice is yours.  


- Maybe other members of your household could do one too, and then at the end of the three seasons, see who has earned the most money! Last year we had a few children who managed to achieve earnings of over £1,000,000!


- Send in pictures of your theme park for me to see! Feel free to explain your choices and talk me through your killer rides.


Week 1

Design your theme park and complete up to task 4.


We are also going to review certain techniques on a weekly basis. First up is short division with a decimal remainder!


This video link will show you how to do it if you have forgotten:


Have a go at 15 division questions, pushing yourself with larger numbers.




To link with our theme park maths, we are going to turn our attention to persuasive writing in literacy. Here are a series of tasks for your first week:


1) Where do we see adverts? What's their purpose? What makes them effective? Make a list of different styles of adverts to hook you in (I'll give you one for free- humour- which adverts make you laugh?)


2) I want you to find something in your house. Maybe a pen, a ruler, a chair, a table, whatever. You are then going to create two adverts for the same product. Each advert needs to be in a different style. So,  for example, you may want to try and sell a chair using humour... or maybe write some which makes me feel emotional! How you produce these is up to you. For example, you could do information leaflets... or you could do scripts for a tv or radio advert! How about taking it one step further and actually filming both adverts! (Which is what we would have done in class). I would love to see them. 



Just as a reminder, you can be taking AR tests at home using the information i gave out last week.


Each week I will give you a new comprehension to complete. Below you will find the reading texts, the questions, and a mark scheme. Let me know what you manage to score!










As we are now done with the Mayans, for the next two weeks we are going to move on to our new topic, which is the Tudors!

Below I have three areas to focus on for our first week:


1) Who were the Tudors? They have a fascinating family history, and one particular Tudor was one of our most famous ever Kings! I would like you research the life of King Henry VIII and create a fact file about the things he is most famous for. This horrible histories episode might well help you out!


2) Tudors were famous for their sense of style. I would like you to design your very own  Tudor outfit, using your research! If you are feeling that way inclined, you could of course go one step further and use actual material!


3) Tudor food is another interesting area. Research Tudor food and see what they loved! Then you could:

- Design a menu for a Tudor feast

- Create a Tudor feast using various materials, for example play do, plasticine, lego etc.

- Actually make some Tudor food!


Hopefully there are some ideas there that will keep you busy and entertained. I look forward to seeing them all, so please do email


Make sure you are keeping physically active- Joe Wicks is still doing his 9am videos on Youtube!


That's all from me this week, I look forward to hearing from you all, and until next week, take care!