Home Page

19th March 2020

Welcome to Week 1. I hope you are well and have settled at home well. On this page you will find the work expectations for the week. I'd like to remind you that the expectation is for 2 hours work a day. Feel free to send files and images to the oak class email address so that I can admire your work, as well as any questions you have. This page will be updated every Thursday, so check back then for the update!


- Reading aloud or to yourself, 15 minutes

- Times table and division facts practice, 5 minutes


Over the week

- Plan, write, edit and improve one of the dragon pieces of writing from your pack. I would personally choose the non-chronological report to start with, as I think it would give a good foundation for the rest of your writing. 

- Complete 75 maths questions over the course of the week; these should be a selection from the options on the page.

- Make a good start on your Mayan research project.

- One extra thing from the home learning list.