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Tuesday 12th



LO: To write dialogue for a character 

Start today's session by practising your spellings for this week. 


Listen to the first chapter of the Lion the witch and the wardrobe on the video below. Then watch the video which shows Lucy entering Narnia. How would she be feeling? What can she see? Lucy meets a new character. What do you think she would say to him? Would she ask questions about this mysterious place?


Write a conversation between Lucy and Mr Tumnus (the fawn) which includes at least five questions. 

Challenge: Can you include adverbs?


Click HERE for an online lesson on punctuating speech


With permission from Harper Collins- Part 1

With permission from Harper Collins- Part 1

Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus

Watch till 0.48


LO: To tell the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 5 minute interval. 

Let’s start by learning your 7 times tables.

Explore your home to find the different clocks you have. Do you have more analogue or digital?

Explore one of your analogue clocks. Can you find five past? Twenty past? 25 past? Using you clock, make the time that you have different key events throughout the day e.g. lunch, tea time etc.

Now look at the ‘to’ side. Can you show ten to 5? Ten to 9? Use the video to help.


Activity: Practise reading the time to the five minute interval throughout the day. You could have a go at the problems below: 

Telling the time

Guided Reading

LO: To plot the events of a story

When we read a text, it is important that we understand exactly what we are reading. What happened first in the story of 'Rocky's Christmas'?  What happened next? See if you can plot the events of the story onto a storyboard. You could do this by folding a piece of paper into 6-8 pieces. Or use the storyboard template below.


Mrs Wordsmith 

LO: To review words we have learnt before

Have a look at some of the words that we have learnt this year. Play a game with somebody in your family- give them the meaning and see if they can guess the word or perhaps you could draw a picture.


Dusk, Shimmering, Scrawny, Insecure, Blustery, Howl, Dewy, Sweltering, Electrifying, Hazy, Downpour, Scrumptious, Ravenous, Twilight


LO: To recognise the names of animals in French 


To access the learning resources for your French lesson please visit the Language Angels website by clicking HERE


Click log in and sign in using the details below in the home school area.


Username:   ManeaC1355

Password:    lahome


Your challenge is to revise the five animals we looked at last week and learn the next five!

Follow the paths below, you may need an adult to support you.


Entry Level Challenge,

Unit 7,

Lesson 2 


There is an interactive Powerpoint for you to use like we do in class. There are also some worksheets that you can do to help you remember the new words.  What challenge will you go for?


Last week you looked at some of Joe Wickes work outs.

Practise some more of these. Can you improve yours?



Now teach it to somebody at home/ at school. How can you refine your instructions?

PE With Joe | Monday 11th Jan 2021