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Monday 11th



Outdoor learning: 

Please go and stand outside. I would like you to take in your surroundings. Think about what you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Go back inside and write five descriptive sentences. For example, 'I could feel the biting wind whipping wildly around me.'


Please watch the short video extract below of Lucy entering Narnia. 

Lucy enters Narnia

Learning Objective: To write a description of Narnia


Please write a paragraph describing Narnia. Imagine you are stood where Lucy is. Use the five senses to help you describe this setting. 



Please write two paragraphs describing Narnia. Detail what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Use a simile and alliteration. 



Please write two paragraphs describing Narnia. Detail what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Use a simile, a metaphor, alliteration and personification to enhance your writing. 

Guided Reading

LO: To read and understand a text:

Today I would like you to read the text ‘Rocky’s Christmas. As you read the first paragraph, ask yourself- who is Rocky? Is he human? What are the clues that show you he isn’t? Read the text and as you read try to get an image of the scene in your head. What does the house look like? What would it look like outside of the window? Etc.


Learning Objective: To be able to tell the time - 'O' clock, quarter past, quarter to and at intervals of five minutes. 


Please watch the two videos below. Then, have a go at the time worksheets. Work at the correct level for you. 

How to Tell the Time - Educational Video for Kids

Telling the Time for Kids - Quarter Past, Half Past, Quarter To





Please practise drawing the hands on a clock to show the following times (they will be different for all of you). You can sketch the clocks out on paper. 


The time you get up. 

The time you have lunch (either at home or school). 

The time you eat dinner.

The time you play on your computer or watch tv in the evening. 

The time you go to bed. 



To reflect upon and respond to a current social issue.

Look at these pictures and make notes on the things that come into your mind.


The first picture represents someone that is homeless. To be homeless means to have nowhere permanent and safe that you are able to call home. There are lots of reasons that a person could become homeless.


The second picture represents refugees. You may have heard about refugees in the news recently. A refugee is a person who is seeking a safe haven (place) after being forced to flee violence, persecution or war.


The final picture represents a victim of war.


How do these images make you feel?


How do you think the people in the pictures are feeling? 


Draw a speech bubble for each picture. What do you think these people would say?



The word is: FEUD


A long-standing or bitter (bad) quarrel. 

Read the examples and then write five of your own sentences.

A feud broke out between two local secondary schools which lasted for years. 


The long-standing family feud only ended when my grandmother was ill and we all had to look after her. 


My great grandfather once had a feud with the mayor of this town. 


I have tried to discuss matters with my neighbour, but he refuses to listen to my complaints and a feud has broken out. 


5 Minute Move Featuring Oliver | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages.