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weekly overview

Please look at the daily challenge video on the page and we are looking forward to seeing the work that you are carrying out.  If you require further information, and to send photographs of the work, please contact Mrs Stevens on

Phonics (choose two activities each day)


Discuss the sounds that we have already learnt

S a t p I n m d g o c k e u r ck

Watch the phonic sound video and focus on the above sounds – learn the rhyme for each sound!


we are looking at blending our sounds together – model these sounds and see if your child can blend them – c-a-t

d-o-g   m-a-p  etc.  then play the following blending game on phonic play – model blending the sounds together to read the word.


Can they write any sounds?  Say the sound and write the letter – use our formation examples in our handwriting video on the main class page.


Discuss different words with your child – can they blend the sounds together to write the word?  Sound out the following and see if they can write a list….






Can you think of any more words using our sounds?

Maths (choose 2 activities each day)


What numbers can you see all around you?  Can you see any on the remote control?  Computer, in the kitchen etc – what numbers can you recognise?


Can you recite your numbers in order?


Use the CBBC website:


counting song

add up with the number blocks

easy pattern quiz


Use some lego bricks.  Count out 10.  Can you create a tower?  Count out 9 – make another tower – is it taller or shorter than the tower with 10 bricks – how many more bricks do you have altogether?


Gather a bowl and 10 objects (some dry pasta or lego pieces)  carefully throw the objects into the bowls – how many do you get in?  count them carefully – how many did not go in? – count them carefully – there are still 10 altogether – try again – how many in and how many out.  Play this game with your adult – can you beat them by getting more in your bowl?

Text:  Beegu –recap the Beegu story


Beegu has now gone home to her family – how do you think she feels?  What do you think she liked best when she visited us? Talk with your grown up and see if they have different ideas.


  • Look at the keyword page – ask your grown up to write these out for you and see if you can recognise them – keep trying and see if you recognise more each time. 
  • Read a book together – use the oxford owl website and choose 4-5 year old books or 4-7.  I really like Big Bad Bug!

  • Keep active: - Start your day with a Jo Wicks session and finish your activities with our wonderful yoga work: Enjoy our very favourite COSMIC yoga – Space picnic!


  • Write a diary about what you have been doing at home – use the keyword I to start the sentence and then use your sounds.  My recount is…. I watched a film.  I could hear lots of sounds – w, t, d in watched and f I l m in film. Don’t forget that you need to form your letters correctly and use the handwriting page on the website to help you.
  • What would Beegu’s home look like?  Would it be like yours?  Can you create what you think – what will you use?  Lego, boxes?  Discuss why you have chosen to create what you have – can you label any parts of the house – create a label using your phonic sounds
  • We are also thinking about the land that Beegu would like in – what would her planet be like – we will be creating maps to show what would be on this plant and also using our wooden bricks, sand and some reclaimed materials.  You all really enjoyed making your maps for Santa so think carefully about what you may see on Beegu’s planet.
  • Beegu’s family are so pleased that she has come home.  They have made her a big cake.  Can you create a cake for her?  What will you use?  We are making playdough cakes at school and also making REAL cakes!  Yummy!
  • Talk to your grown up about your favourite thing that you have done this week – what did you challenge yourself with?  Did you find it hard?  What did you do to help?
  • Let Mrs Stevens know something that you have done this week

Additional daily tasks:

  • Go on a shape hunt around your room – what different shapes can you find?
  • Investigate height – what can you find around your house that is taller than you?  What is shorter than you?  Can you find anything that is taller than your grown up?
  • Play I spy – what can you find in your house that begins with t?
  • Play the description game.  Ask your grown up to choose an object – they have to give you clues about this object – can you guess what it is?
  • Go on a walk – how many numbers can you see whilst walking around?  What can you see that starts with the sound g?
  • You can also access any further home learning ideas through the new app – 50 things to do before you are 5 -