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Computing challenges



This week we are moving on to our computing unit. We recognise that this is a hard unit for home learning, as we all know you have different levels of access to technology. We are just hoping that you use whatever you can to complete some of these tasks and do it to the best of your ability. If you have any problems please email us and we will try and suggest something else. 


In Literacy this week, you will be creating your own play script for a new trick that Mr and Mrs Twit play on each other. 


Your overall computing task will be to use this script and turn it into a film!

First of all- make sure you have finished your script (or have at least completed your storyboard for your play)


Challenge 1: Exploring camera angles


Have you ever noticed the different camera angles used in film? Watch your favourite movie, or tv program and have a look at the different angles they use. Count how many close ups, mid shots and long shots you can see. 

Challenge 2: Exploring how characters are created in film


Have you ever  thought about how they show different characters in movies? How do you know which characters are good are which characters are not? Think about this whilst you watch a movie. 


Task: Create a one minute video showing your character for your movie- Mr or Mrs Twit. How can you show how disgusting they are? 

Challenge 3: Plan your movie


Task You may have already written your script for your movie in Literacy, but now I want you to map out your film into a storyboard. Consider the different shots you will be making and create a list of props you will need. 

Challenge 4: Create your movie


Your task is to create a movie showing a new scene for the Twits.  


You could do this is different ways: 


- If someone in your family is willing to help, you could act it out and film it. 

- You could film it using props, or finger puppets as your character. 

- You could create a stop motion animation. This is how Wallace and Grommit was created. 


If we were in school we would do this on iPads using the app: moviemaker to edit it. If we use stop motion in school, we use the stop motion animation app.