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13th July

Hello Fir Class

We hope you are well. Thank you for sending in more images this week. It seems you have become even more creative as the weeks have gone by. There are lots of pictures below of things you have made and ideas you have had. It is so lovely to log in and read your emails and see the pictures of work. 

Here we are at the final full week. This isn't how we wanted to end the year and we both feel we have missed out on getting to know you better. At least we will still be able to see you next year and find out how you are getting on. 

Try to get all your work done this week and remember you have the pack of work we sent. If you have any questions, please do contact us. 

Wishing you all the very best.

Kind regards

Mrs Causer and Miss Miller


You have now had quite a bit of time off school and we are sure you will be nervous about coming back. But imagine if you could return to any school of your choice...


Challenge 1

Have a look at the picture below. Imagine if you could attend one of these schools. Which one would you pick? Or perhaps you would create your own school that included the things you like to do. Have a think about it. 

Now you have chosen your school, have a think about some of the characters that might attend and how they might answer the following questions...

Challenge 2

Your next task is to create the characters for your school. Have a look at the information below and an example of one of the characters at the Monster School. Use the template to help you create your own characters. 

Challenge 3

You now need to think about your school day. What lessons will you include? What subjects will be taught? Have a look at the example timetable below and then create your own using the blank template. Create a page of work that someone in your school might produce in one of your lessons. 

Challenge 4

Let's find out a little more about your school. Create an information leaflet on your school. Use the notes below to help you. Find a piece of A4 paper and fold it into three so it looks like a leaflet. Create a logo for your school on the front and then include any interesting information or pictures inside. 

Challenge 5

Create a comic strip of a day in the life of a pupil at your school. Think about the kind of adventures they might get up to. Use the blank template to help you plan out your comic strip. Of course, it can be longer if you want. 


We have finished our science topics now so, for a bit of fun, please watch the video below. This shows five different science experiments. As you watch, try to predict what you think will happen. Then, after you've watched the experiment, try to explain what's happened and why. 

5 Fun Science Experiments for Kids (with Grover!)

Our old pal Grover from Sesame Street stopped by the studio to conduct five fun science experiments you can do at home with everyday materials.


Big Debate: Should shops be open for longer on Sundays?

For a great many of us, shopping habits have changed dramatically in recent months. Some of you haven’t even been into a shop since lockdown. Have you missed shopping? However, the co-vid pandemic has meant that many shops have suffered a huge financial hit. One option for recuperating some of the losses could be to extend opening hours in shops on a Sunday. There are some reasons given for and against this idea on the link attached. Discuss with someone at home, or call a friend/family member to discuss with them.

My Life journey


L.O. To know that sometimes positive changes can come from things we didn’t welcome initially.

As you know, soon you will be in Year Six and although this may seem a huge change in your lives, you have faced similar changes already.  Look at `My Life Journey’ on the Powerpoint slides attached. 

Consider the changes that have happened in your life so far; some may have seemed huge, others you may not even remember how you felt (eg first day at nursery). 


Activity: Complete the `My Life Journey’ worksheet, considering how you might have felt at each change –and one positive that may have come from it. (You don't need to print the sheet off; this can easily be completed on some plain A4 paper.) Even when some changes don't feel positive in any way, think about how it might have helped you develop as a person? Are you kinder or more empathetic towards others as a result?



Guided Reading

L.O. To be inspired to read new books.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success. 

Why do you think this is the case? And why do you think that reading 'for pleasure' is so important? This week, you have been set some activities which hopefully will inspire you to read some different books.

Activity 1:  Go through the powerpoint Book Quiz. How many can you answer? 

Activity 2: Look at the Top 100 book list Link attached above. 

In particular, go through the 25 books aged 9-12. Have you read any before? Would you recommend any and why? Search for some books on the list that seem interesting to you. 

Activity 3: Complete the share a story worksheet. 

Activity 4: Make a bookmark. Include somewhere on the bookmark the title and author of a book that you would be interested in reading. Maybe sometime over the summer holidays you can find the book. Libraries will be open again soon, if they are not already, as are bookshops.

Activity 5: Listen to an audiobook Alternatively, listen to one of Mrs Johnson’s superb readings on the class pages.


L.O. To use a semi-colon correctly in a sentence.

Semi-colons replace a conjunction – a joining word – when you’re comparing two things. Instead of ‘Yesterday it rained, but today it is fine’, you could say, ‘Yesterday it rained; today it is fine’. You can also use semi-colons between complicated items in a list, like this: The accused’s trousers contained a large tube of fish paste; four dairylea triangles; a shiny red hole punch; five crisp £20 notes and a list of shops in Chatteris.

Now try these:

Put semi-colons where necessary in these sentences to replace conjunctions or to link items on a list.

  1. Last year’s figures were very low, but this year they are much more encouraging.
  2. Frankie has blonde hair whereas his twin sisters have brown hair.
  3. The men were each issued with a compass a false beard three packets of chewing gum and a senior citizen railcard.

The single street contained only an off-licence a second hand timber yard an all night taxidermist’s and a hotdog stall.

Year 5/6 Spelling sheet


Please continue revising the Year 5/6 spelling list. Again, I would recommend picking 10-15 words that you currently struggle to spell and try to learn them throughout the week. Test yourself at the end of the week to see if they have stuck.

Recipe for Ship's Biscuits


It is the end of our Topic on the Tudors and I hope you have enjoyed learning about that period in history. There are a mixture of activities below which you could have a go at to round of the end of topic. You can choose more than one if you would like. 


1. Follow a Tudor recipe. Attached is a recipe for Ship's biscuits. These may not be the tastiest treats you ever had, but they are a taste of history! There are options for making them slightly more edible. 

2. Make a Tudor pomander - see the link attached, which has information, along with a video to show you how to make a pomander.

3. Have a go at the Tudor quizzes attached. One is focused more on life in the Tudor times, then other is about the kings and queens.

4. Make a Tudor rose. The Tudor rose is a very important symbol of the Tudors and has quite a backstory, which you can research. Attached are some ideas for how to make a Tudor rose out of felt, but you could use other materials or draw one instead if you like.