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This week in our learning walk we have been discussing how we can challenge ourselves in our outdoor learning to support our Zog work.

The Hedgehog group decided to make a house for Zog, deciding that the coloured blocks could be a lazer around it 'to keep Zog safe'.

The squirrel group talked about ideas to help Zog by creating a caravan with a chair and a bed then using the forest kitched to make Zog a roast dinner with nuggets and a pizza. 

The Robins decided to make a rainbow castle using the coloured bricks and then all became the dragon family

The foxes then made a castle with a garden and flowers for Princess Pearl

What wonderful ideas that will be added to as the week progresses!


In our maths we are focussing on the numbers 9 and 10 - seeing how many ways we can represent these numbers and developing our ordering to 10 skills.

In our phonics we have been writing diaries and using games to support us with our new sounds ng and th.

We have also had an assembly to discuss emotions and came up with a huge wordbank of words that we could use.

We have also been investigating different materials to create a new coat for Zog to wear when flying in the rain!


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