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Maths Challenges



This week our aim is to secure our knowledge of using a formal written method when solving addition problems in a range of different contexts. 



What other words do we know that mean add? What methods do we know? . What method would you use to solve 138 +247

Today's task is an Nrich challenge- it's a partner task so you may need to ask a member of your family to join in. 


Have a go at solving the problem below- who is correct? 

Then roll a dice to create three digit numbers that you must add together.



Choose three items from The Twits joke shop and work out the total. Repeat using different combinations

Extension- which three items would you buy that will be closest to £10?


LO:Solve two step addition problems.


What do you think our success criteria is today?


I purchased some jelly snakes for £3.62 and a glass eye for £4.99, How much change would I get from £25? What are the two steps?


You will need to add the two amounts together and then take your answer away from £25. We normally use column addition and subtraction for this. 


Work through the sheet below- or make up some of your own 2 step problems to solve just like mine. 


LO:Solve two step addition problems.


How well did you get on in yesterday's lesson? Today we would like you to keep working on the same learning objective. You could complete the sheet below- or use the questions as inspiration for you to create your own.