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Below is your homework for this week. Remember, in class we aim at the medium work, so start with that work first. You don't have to print off the work, you can write your answers on paper and email a photograph of your work in to


This week in maths we have looked at translations. Try to solve the problems from one of the challenges below. 


Here are your spellings for this week. The spelling test will be on Wednesday. Good luck!

Group 1

determined, develop, dictionary, disastrous, embarrass, environment, equipment, especially, exaggerate, excellent, existence, explanation, familiar, foreign, forty

Group 2

valuable, desirable, advisable, deplorable, curable, attainable, agreeable, fixable, comfortable, adjustable, fallible, sensible, visible, possible, gullible

Group 3

quail, queen, quince, quick, quack, quake, quilt, chin, chill, chop