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This week in Literacy we completed our Gingerbread Man stories. The children changed the ending and instead of the fox gobbling up the Gingerbread Man we had boats being used to cross the river, the river being made of lava, giraffes using their necks as a bridge, turtles being steppingstones and even a chocolate monster! The children have really enjoyed this story and we are very proud of the amazing writing they have achieved.



In maths this week the children have been working very hard applying their less than and more than skills. The Year 1 children have started to write number sentences using the addition and equals symbols and have blown us away with their application of addition skills. The Year 2 children have been working hard to understand the concept of what happens to a two digit number when you add 10 and take 10 away. They have shown us fantastic understanding and been able to answer both 10 less and 10 more questions and apply this understanding to addition questions involving 10.



This week the children have been learning how to use the Paint app on the computers. Taking inspiration from the artists Mondrian and Matisse the children have started to create some wonderful pictures using their computing skills.