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Group One

necessary, secretary, achieve, ancient, prejudice, stomach, symbol, yacht, vehicle, twelfth, temperature, category, cemetery, awkward, immediately

Group Two

foul, fowl, flower, flour, dowse, douse, how's, house, allowed, aloud, poring, pouring, morning, mourning

Group Three

because, child, climb, every, floor, beautiful, break, grass, hour, improve


This week in Maths we have been looking at estimating measures. For your homework this week, I would like you to estimate and then measure the length, capacity and weight of some objects in your house. 

E.g. Estimate the length of your bed, the weight of your bowl of cereal, the capacity of a plastic container. 

Extension - Can you record the measures in different forms? E.g. 20cm = 0.2metres and 200mm 


This week we have looked at poetry and what a parody is. For example, The Highway Rat is a parody of The Highwayman because it mimics the original poem in structure, but has changed the words to make it funny. I would like you to find a classic poem, either from a book at home or online. If you can't access one, think of a popular rhyme you know instead, such as a nursery rhyme. Without changing the structure, adapt the words of the poem to make your own version. Humour is optional!