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Year 1

Over the last few weeks, we have read lots of different Elmer stories. When we read stories we think about the things that we like about them and the things that we don't. 

This week we would like you to choose a book that you really like and write a review of it. You might choose to use one of the templates below, or you might choose to create your review in a different way such as a poster or a video. 

We look forward to hearing your book recommendations!

This week, we have been learning all about division and sharing equally. Can you help the teddies share out the food for their tea party? If you like, you could do the activity practically, using your teddies at home, or if you have a printer you might like to print the sheet and draw on it. If you haven't got a printer, you could always draw and write your answers on a plain piece of paper. The choice is yours!