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our work this week

This week we are continuing with our Elmer focus.  We have found out lots of information about the jungle and are using this, along with our character and story investigations, to set our own challenges.  In our learning walks we look at every area within our provision - both inside and out.  We then discuss with our friends what we could do to support our Elmer work - do we need to find anything out?  Could we construct something?  What would help us with our challenge?  Do we need measuring sticks?  Scales?  Alphabet strips?  Number cards?

Once we have decided on the many different challenges we can do we record these on a learning walk map.  We can then refer to this to ensure that we have completed our challenges but also improve or adjust our ideas.  All this work is carried out by listening and sharing ideas!

In our maths we are looking at shape - discussing ways to record our shape patterns so that a friend can complete the same.  We are also recapping the properties of shapes when playing guess the shape.  In our number work we are developing our number bond awareness - then we are beginning to record our own number sentences.

In our literacy we are reading  Elmer and the Wind.  It was very, very funny!  We have used our comprehension skills to answer questions and have then decided that we would use this book to help us retell known stories in our small world area.  We have been learning new sounds OA and AI, reading and writing lots of words with these sounds and then using them in our caption writing.

We are also developing our living thing focus by moving our peas and beans into our outdoor area to see if they will grow even further!  We have made our very own 'window box' to help us.

In our PD and creative skills work we are sewing patchwork pieces for Elmer.  We will then add these to our secondary colour patches to create a huge Elmer display in the corridor outside our room.

WOW what a very busy week - see the home learning link attached to support further learning at home and if you require any additional information please email