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This week we are continuing with our learning walks and discussions to set our own challenges in our outdoor learning.  We have been relating our work to our main text and really delving into what the characters would want and need.  We have also been playing guess the character games in class!

In our literacy we have been learning our new sounds and watching as Geraldine the Giraffe tries hard to say the sound and find objects in her home that begin with these sounds.  One of our tasks in our home link information is to see if we can do the same in our homes!  We have also been using our sound knowledge to write our diaries and all the hard work we have been doing with handwriting is really paying off!

In our maths work we are focussing on number five.  We have also been creating number lines with our numerals to help us with our one more/one less challenges.  Lots of counting work has been carried out and we are very proud.

In another area of learning we have been trying to solve a problem.  We need to make Christmas trees for our Christmas cards but we have no green paper.  All we have is white paper, and no green paint!  Mrs Stevens and Miss Denton have found blue and yellow paint though..... I wonder what we could do?  

See what other things we have been doing in the home link information below.


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