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The homework below was set on Friday 25th June 2021 and is due in on Wednesday 1st July. Please email this to us at 


You do not need to complete every challenge, most of you will be aiming for the spicy or hot challenges. 


Maths Homework 


This week, we have been applying our knowledge of addition to finding the area. Practise this at home by completing the challenges below: 






Need an extra challenge?

Literacy Homework

This week we have been looking at recounts. We watched the following video, and took on the role of the Iguana to write a recount in the past tense:

Iguana vs Snakes (Full Clip) | Planet Earth II | BBC Earth

For your homework, I would like you to imagine you are an animal escaping from a predator. E.g. a seal escaping from a killer whale or a mouse escaping from a cat. How will you show the reader how scared you are feeling? How will you escape? 


Don't forget to use paragraphs! 




Use the prompts to write sentences about the pictures.