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Week Beginning: 22nd March 2021

The children have really enjoyed their final week. We spent time ‘outdoor learning' in music and maths. The pupils had to work collaboratively in their groups to solve multiplication problems by talking together and discussing which sum was correct. They then had to show the correct layout on their boards. In music, they worked together to devise and perform their own tune. They could use the original beat we learnt in class and then they could choose to continue it or make up their own. The aim was to perform in time with other members of the group.


In literacy this week, the pupils wrote an informal letter to one of their classmates. We discussed layout and content and then the pupils wrote one independently asking questions and detailing their plans for the holiday. They then linked formal and informal letters to our class story.


The children have also enjoyed making their Easter cards and writing acrostic poems.


It has been a busy, but enjoyable week, and we wish you all a lovely holiday.