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Friday 5th

Lockdown Day 23 (Friday)

Dividing Fractions Warm Up



LO: Use the real world application of maths


Complete the questions from my input as a warm up.


This week you have done some work on measure and conversion. These skills are actually very useful in the real world, as many jobs include this sort of maths.


I’d like you to imagine you are a decorator. How far you go with this challenge is up to you, and how much you can get done in the lesson time!


Pick a room. Make the calculations necessary to find out how much carpet you would need for the floor, and how much wallpaper for the walls (area). Then work out the volume of the room too.

Then pick a new room and do the same again.

Maybe you could work out all the rooms in your house? Can you calculate the total area of the floor of the house? Its volume?




LO: To put note-taking skills into practise


Time for a break from Oak Academy! I’d like you to put into practise the skills you  have learnt over the last two days.


Pick something to take notes on. This could from a wide selection of things, for example:

  • A chapter from a book
  • A magazine or newspaper article
  • An episode of a tv show, youtube show or podcast
  • a sport match


You get the idea! With those notes, then turn them into full sentences to enable you to write a short summary of what you have read.


When sending this work in, I want to see two parts- I want to see your original notes, and then I want to see your summary paragraph.



Read ‘Greta Thunberg’ and answer the questions. There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from.




Choose something or a combination of things:

- Joe Wicks videos on YouTube

-  Yoga videos on YouTube

- Design your HIIT session and see if you can complete!

- Invent a new sport, test it and improve the rules.

- Create your own sporting drill to practise a certain skill for your favourite sport.

- Invent an Anglo-Saxon sport, based on your knowledge of what they liked to do.




Log onto Language Angels home learning. 


username: ManeaC1355

password: lahome


Intermediate level, unit 10 - The Weather, lesson 3


The Rest


- 15-20 minutes of reading a day

- Live Joe Wicks session on YouTube in the morning

- TT Rockstars