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In our learning walk this week we focused on our story making and how we work with each other creatively.  We decided to use the trike track for our stories.

The foxes chose to create an under the sea story, they decided on different characters and also to have the track as the sea, the tyres as the sand and the trikes were dolphins.  The dolphins even needed to be fed!

The Hedgehogs chose to make the trike track into Dragon school, with Madame dragon and the other dragons, the shed was the school room and they had to create ways to make learning to ride trikes safe.  At one point there was even a fire which had to be put out!

The Robins decided to create a holiday for Zog - in both cold and hot places.  The trikes were the aeroplanes.  One dragon nearly got left behind but Madame Dragon rescued her!  The shed became the hotel and they all looked after each other making sure they did not get too hot!

The Squirrels then chose to create a birthday party story.  They had presents, invitations, a party car and lots of fun!

What wonderful ideas and fantastic working together.  Look at the photos below....

In other learning  we are finding out how to help Zog and the flying doctors by 'washing a Woolly Mammoth!' We are reading the story and retelling the instructions within it.  We are also having a visit from Woodgreen Animal Shelter who can share even more information with us.

In maths we are developing our understanding of odd and even numbers and how to make pairs to help find out.

We are also developing our colour mixing skills by making ORANGE!  We will then be painting our very own dragon scales.

Please see the home link document above that has useful links to consolidate learning at home and if you require further information, please email

Wood Green Animal Shelter Visit

We had a very informative visit by Hope at Woodgreen.  She told us lots about how the work at Woodgreen and what amazing animals they work with.  As our focus is to help Zog and the flying doctors to look after EVERYONE, we listened very carefully.


We found out about how to care for dogs, look at the list below that we have remembered.....


  • Let them have space - move away - don’t go too near them
  • Leave them be when they are sleeping
  • They like lots of sleep!
  • Feed them dog food
  • Chocolate makes them sick
  • Make sure you don’t frighten them
  • Always ask the owner if the dog is friendly before you go near it
  • Don’t go near them when they are feeding
  • It's best no to pick them up as they don't heights and they might scratch you
  • Wait for them, Look at them and if their tail wags then you can touch them VERY carefully
  • If they hurt themselves you need to give them time to rest
  • If a strange dog comes up to you, stand still like a pencil, fold you arms to cover you hands, put your head up and face the sky and ignore them.  Be like a statue.
  • If you are on the floor when you see a strange dog, curl up like a tortoise, head down and stay there until they have gone.

Thank you very much Hope for the amazing session, See the photos below from our session with Woodgreen