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Week Beginning: 5th July 2021

Despite being tired and looking forward to the holiday, the children have continued to try hard in class and work well.


In literacy, they have been looking at newspaper conventions. They started by reading through some example newspapers and sharing some interesting articles. Then, they explored various headlines, quotes, the 5Ws, formal language and pictures with captions. The pupils chose a group to work with and started planning out their own newspaper. The groups will continue with this task next week and we are looking forward to reading their own newspapers and articles. Please do read through any interesting news article with your child at home. This will really help them. 


In maths, we have been finding fractions of numbers. The children were actually very good at this and we will be moving on to finding fractions of higher numbers which will link with the topic of division.


The children have continued to enjoy their topic work. In Oracy, each child was given a role within a group - e.g. 'leader', 'argumentative', 'see both sides', etc, and they had to discuss the topic whilst taking account of their role within the group. We then watched a group perform to see if we could work out which role they were playing whilst discussing.


We are looking forward to seeing them next week for our final full week.