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29th June 2020

Seasons Greetings

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Ok, maybe not quite that drastic.... or is it?


Many of you will know of the famous board game Cluedo. Well as we count down to the end of term, we are putting on our deerstalker hats and turning detective!




Here are a couple of murder mysteries for you to solve! I have only given you two because they are quite full on and time intensive. I think the first one should take 2 days, and second one three days. The answers are included, but no cheating!






Cluedo is a very famous and well known board game that many of you will have played before. If you haven't, have a look here to read the basic ideas: 


Unfortunately, I have some devastating news for you... I've been murdered at Manea School!  That's right, I am writing this from beyond the grave. I need you to find out who did it!


Task 1

Design your very own Cluedo board game based on the murder of Mr Tull at Manea Primary School. You need to work out what the rooms are, who the possible suspects are (I suspect Miss Stone personally) and how it could have been done (poison in the school dinner?).


You can make and play the game if you want - I know you recently made a maths board game and may want a break!) But it would be fun to make all the pieces etc, and once you've played it you'll have to let me know who did it, how and where, so I know who to haunt!


Task 2

With such a famous celebrity being murdered, it's inevitable the press will get involved and write a newspaper article about it. I would like you to write the newspaper article for my murder. Think about the different things you would need to include, and I have included a checklist and example of a newspaper report below. 



I'd like to start off by celebrating some of the work I was sent- first off, here is an exciting boat race that puts Oxford and Cambridge to shame!

Row, row, row your boat

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At school we learnt about fraction by building our very own marble runs! All these videos were done in the first take, I promise...

Trick 1

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Trick 2

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Trick 3

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Trick 4

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Building on our work of forces, I have a (not so) little challenge for you- to try and build your own kite! Here are the different parts to the challenge:


Part 1: Research different kite shapes and designs. Pick 4 and complete Sheet 1.  


Part 2: Watch this video to see how you can make one and have a go at building your own kite just out of newspaper to see how it goes. This video will show you how to fly one:


Part 3: Now you know how to make the basic kite, I want you to have a go at 3 of your prototypes, just quickly, and see which one you think is best (optional part) 


Part 4: Make your preferred kite. Make it personal to you. Think about the colours, writing, decoration and tail.


Part 5: Fly the kite! How long does it stay in the air? Let me know! Maybe film it and send it in!



Here are your tasks for this week. Only 4 children have done accelerated reader tests over the past few weeks- let's raise those numbers!

Virtual Sports Day 2020


On Thursday 2nd July we will be running a virtual Sports Day! Log on to the 'Virtual Sports Day 2020' page on the class pages website on Thursday morning at 9am to see what your challenges are for the day!


And the rest...


Countdown word:


G   P   A   T   N   I   R   E   T   E   N




What is made of water but if you put it into water it will die?