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To be able to use percentages with pie charts.


Today I would like you to complete some (or all) of the worksheet attached. Remember, you do not need to print off the sheet necessarily, you can look on your computer and calculate your answers on paper. 

Example: If there were 150 packets of crisps in total you would need to divide 360 by 150 to find out how many degrees one packet is worth. 

The answer is... 2.4

If the cheese and onion crisps make up 108 degrees of the circle, how many packets of crisps would that be? To do this, you will need to find how many times you can fit 2.4 into 108. The answer is 45 times. So, 45 packets were cheese and onion flavour. 

Sometimes the answer doesn't fit so cleanly and you get a decimal. You will need to use your knowledge of rounding to help you there.