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20th July

Summer learning packs


The local authority has created Maths and Literacy learning packs to help children prepare for returning back to school in September. Please find them on the website: 

Hello Fir Class

There are only two days left now of the term. We have attached some transition activities for you to work through. We know you might be nervous about returning, but please remember we will all be there in September to support you and ease you back into a routine. We are so looking forward to seeing you. Currently, children aren't allowed to bring in things from home. But we hope at some point we will be able to see all the work you have produced. As soon as it is allowed next year, we would love to see your folders of work or anything you have made that you are particularly proud of.

We hope you have an enjoyable summer. Take this opportunity to relax now and enjoy yourselves. You have your pack of work if you do want to keep busy. Otherwise, we wish you a restful and happy summer holiday.

Kind regards

Mrs Causer and Miss Miller


English - Challenge 1

Please have a look at the transition sheet for next year and fill it in. You do not need to print it. You could talk through the questions with someone in your family or copy the questions onto paper and then answer them. It is up to you. It is designed to get you thinking about next year. 


English - Challenge 2

Have a look at this selection of comments made by children of your age from around the country. Imagine it was your friend asking you these questions. How would you respond? What advice would you give them? How might you make them feel better? 


Claire – Age 10 - London

I haven’t spoken to most people in my class for weeks now. I'm looking forward to seeing them, but what if they don't remember me?


Sam – Age 10 – Milton Keynes

What if others have completed more work than me? Do you think the teachers will help me catch up?


Chloe – Age 9 – Wales

I have spent so much time with my mum. What if I miss her when we go back to school?


Hollie – Age 10 – Birmingham

I am looking forward to going back to school. But what if I forget the new rules like hand washing and social distancing? I don’t want to get into trouble.


Brandon – Age 10 – Dorset

I have worked during this time, but I haven't really done much maths as I find it hard. Do you think the teachers will mind? 


Mia – Age 9 – Edinburgh

I have got used to being in my bubble of seven children. Do you think the others in the class will be looking forward to joining us? 


Tommy – Age 10 - Suffolk

I’ve made new friends in my bubble. They are children I wouldn’t normally have played with. Will I be able to continue playing with them when my usual friends return?


Saphira – Age 10 – Bradford

I always used to bring a snack and a packed lunch to school. Will I still be able to do this when we return full time?


Laindon – Age 9 – Oxford

I’m really nervous about returning to school. I am scared everything will be different and I won’t know what to do. 


This week you have the choice of choosing a Maths task from the home learning packs you were given, or having a go at one of the addition/subtraction or multiplication activities attached. The emoji code breaker is differentiated, so make sure you are choosing the appropriate level of challenge for yourself when completing it. If you feel the challenges are all a bit easy for you at this point, you can add more digits to each number to make them larger, or multiply and divide the numbers, rather than add and subtract. 


This week I have attached some conversation generators. Look through the powerpoint attached, which has a large range of 'Would You Rather...?' questions and pick one which you think you could have a decent discussion about with someone at home. Make sure you thought through your reasons when giving your answer. Listen carefully to the other person's opinions too.

DIY Guess Who Game

Game piece images in this video are one hour prints I purchased from Walgreens Photo, get your DIY started here: Create your own DIY Gu...


As it has been such a long time since you have seen some of your class mates, teachers and TAs, I thought this week it might be a fun idea to make your own 'Guess Who?' game, featuring some people from Manea School. It could be a Fir Class one, or a teacher/TA/midday supervisor one. Alternatively, you could make a celebrity or family members version if you would prefer. A video is attached to give an idea for how you can make the board and cards. You can use paper or card, rather than metal joins and crayons rather than paint. Please be kind when drawing your pictures and playing the game! If you see or live with someone who knows who the people on your board, then play with them. Otherwise, you can save it when we are allowed to bring home learning into bubbles next year.