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This week in our learning walk we discussed our ideas from last week and how we could adapt and improve them.  We were very sensible and know that it is always good to revisit and improve!  See some of our ideas below.  

Look at some of our work in the photographs below:

In other learning we have been working very hard with our recount writing, ensuring that we use keywords, sounds and form our letters correctly.  We were very proud!  We have also been developing our knowledge of sharing carefully in maths - solving more problems involving sharing a number of objects between different amounts of groups.  We have also been beginning to find out about minibeasts and enjoying a book of rhymes about them, then investigating further in our forest and outdoor learning, identifying an area that we can use to house them!  We have also been creating our own binoculars to help us continue our investigations over half term.

We have also taken part in our first sports day at school.  We had learned lots of new skills, including balancing, throwing and catching, hockey and football!  We hope you were all very proud of us.

Please see the home link document above which has lots of links to support learning at home.  If you require any further information, please email

Our challenge from Percy this week was to find out about minibeasts... we have enjoyed the story he sent us which was a collection of rhymes all about minibeasts.  He then sent us some cardboard rolls, string and masking tape.... what to do?  He then sent us some binoculars that he has made to help his investigations.... so we all made pairs so that we can use them over half term...... what will we find?

Look at some of our challenges from this week.....