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Wb 17.1.22


In literacy this week we have been begin to look at instruction and how they are laid out.  We have noticed that they begin with a title, this gives you an idea of what the instructions are for. There is often a 'You will need' section and this is presented as a list. We have then looked at how the instructions use imperative 'bossy' verbs so that you know what it is you need to do. 



Year 1 - 

In maths this week we have been looking at the place value and partitioning of numbers. We have been looking at how two digit numbers are made up of tens and ones. 

We have used a range of resources to model how a number is made including bead strings, tens frames, denes and part part whole models.

Year 2 - 

In maths this week we have been looking at tally charts a picograms as a way of recording data.  We have been creating, reading and making these charts throughout the week. 



This week in our Science we have been carrying out experiments to find out if different materials are waterproof of not waterproof (absorbent).  

Year 2 have also been investigating ways of making a material waterproof. We discovered that the use of wax crayons meant that we could make an absorbent material such as paper waterproof by covering it in crayon.