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This week we have created leaflets to inform people about the fashion of the Romans and popular past times.

We have also been looking at co-ordinates in maths.


The children were also able to partake in a special lesson on the life bus! we discussed what our bodies need to grow and function and what things can harm us. 




This week we have been hard at work rehearsing for our summer production and we are very excited to share this with you all very soon!


In maths we have continued to look at fractions.

In literacy we have been looking at our researching skills to create a leaflet.



This week we have been creating art for our Local Gala celebrations!

In maths we have been looking at finding fractions of amounts.

In literacy we have been looking at using our wordsmith words effectively to describe a setting.




This week in literacy we wrote acrostic poems to celebrate Fathers Day! Take a peek of some of our work in the Cards that we have made!


In maths we have continued to look at fractions!



We were very lucky to be joined by a lady named Jean who is from the Word Garden Project that helped us with our trip earlier on in the year.


We explored the lives of children who lived over 300 years ago. We investigated different games that may have been played during this time. 


Our favourite game was pass the button.





This week in literacy we have continued to look at newspaper reports, especially direct speech. We have wrote newspaper articles for an event that happened in our class text 'Roman Rescue'.


In Maths we have been identifying and comparing angles. We were using the terminology of 'acute' 'right angle' and 'obtuse'.


In out topic work we have looked at Roman Roads, Boudicca and we even got to try on some Roman Solider armour 

Words of the week!



This week in literacy we have been looking at newspaper reports. We researched the eruption that happened in 79 AD and wrote a newspaper article all about it!


In maths we have been looking at interpreting data from a range of charts. 


In our topic lessons we have looked at Celts and Romans.


We explored what the Celts wore and how the Roman invasions happened.




This week we had our class trip to Ely museum and Prickwillow Museum. We learnt all about the fens through History, Science, Music and Story telling! 


All the children had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Even some spooky tales about the Fens from Many years ago!


In literacy we have continued to explore our book Roman Rescue!


In maths we have been working on addition and subtraction using word problems!

Words of the Day!

W/C: 22.04.19


This week we have started exploring our new book 'Roman Rescue' in literacy.


"It is a good book where we are learning about ancient artefacts"


" As you start reading it it gave me goosebumps down my spine!"


"When we first started reading the book I really enjoyed it, now that we are reading on I am really enjoying it!"


In maths we have been looking at co-ordinates and we played battleships!




This week in literacy we have been looking at instructions. We created Mother's day cards and wrote instructions for a friend to make it one themselves!


In maths we have been looking at fractions and finding a fraction of a given amount.



In Music we have been discussing how the music in film helps to create the mood.



This week has been science week.


We have found out about Mary Anning and her role as a fossil collector. We found out about how dinosaurs came to be fossils and we even managed to make our own! We then used this story to inspire our work in literacy to write our own fossil hunter short story.

We also got to take part in some experiments! Take a look at the pictures below.

Welcome to Ash Class' page

W/C: 11/03/19


This week we have been looking at short stories in Literacy. In maths we have been solving a range of problems in the context of time, specifically digital and analogue conversions.


We have also been applying our knowledge to a range of different activities within our class room environment.

In Ash class this week, we have been learning about persuasive texts.  We have written persuasive letters and produced posters and adverts. 


In maths, we have been learning the time to five minute intervals and looking at digital time.


In Science,we have been talking about classifying living things and their habitats.


On Friday some of us even took part in bikeabilty.



This week we have been writing informal letters using the text 'Dear Greenpeace'. 

In maths we have been looking at a range of problems and using everything we know to solve them. 

In our topic work we have been looking at R.E and Christianity In action.

W/C: 11/2/2019

Maths week:

This week, we have been celebrating the subject of Maths throughout various activities. We started the week by looking for examples of Maths around school. We took pictures, which we used to write Maths questions for year three to answer. 


The rest of the week focused around designing and building a new house for Manea. Our first challenge was to plan the base of the house. It had to have a perimeter of exactly 70cm and an area that was even. Next, we had to create all of our measurements and convert these from cm into mm and m. Finally it was time to design the front of our houses... of course this included a Maths challenge too as every side had to be symmetrical! 


Have a look below at some photos of us completing the challenges:

And here are our finished products: 


W/C: 4/2/2019


This week, we have continued to look at the text 'Into the forest by Anthony Browne'. We have predicted what we thought happened next considering who the character will meet in the forest and whether or not Dad will be found. We started this work by creating tableaux to show how we thought the plot would unfold. 


Our Maths lessons have been focused around weight this week. We started by estimating and weighing objects and quickly learnt how to convert grams to kilograms. We applied our learning on Thursday by solving the following problem: 

W/C: 28/1/2019


This week we have started our new fiction unit and have really been engrossed by some of the pictures from a text. 


On Monday, we were told the first line of the story 'One night, I was woken by a terrible sound...' we explored this by considering what may have made the sound and used instruments to recreate it. This led to some beautiful descriptive writing, using some new words that we found in our Mrs Wordsmith's dictionaries! 

Throughout the rest of the week, we explored the pictures from the text and worked really hard on our language to discuss the character's feelings and write a setting description. We have been really proud of everything that we have created. 
In our reading work, we have also been looking at pictures and using them to make inferences about different characters. On Friday, we built this up to looking at different extracts of texts and finding evidence within them to show how a character was feeling.We then worked in groups to match these to the corresponding emotion cards. 
This week's words of the day were: snubbed and devastating. 

W/C: 21/1/2019

Mrs Wordsmith: 

Here are some of our 'Words of the day' this week. We have also looked at the word sparse . 

W/C: 14/1/2019

Marvelous Maps! 

This week, we have continued our Geography unit and developed our understanding of maps. As well as studying ordinance survey maps, we have created our own maps of the classroom and the outdoor environments using the concept of 'birds eye view'. We have also learnt to read four point and six point grid references. 

Furthermore, we have been thinking about maps in our homework. There have been some fabulous maps of Manea, both drawn and made, which the children have enjoyed discussing with each other whilst pointing out places they know. Thank you for all of your hard work on this! 

Until I met Dudley... 

This week, we also performed the story 'Until I met Dudley' for our class assembly. We had a lot of fun working in groups to create actions for our sections of the story!

W/C: 3/1/2019

Happy new year! 

We have started the new year, by starting our new topic of 'Marvellous Manea!". In our Art lessons, we looked at Grayson Perry's British Tapestry and decided to create our own version, whilst showing what we know about our local area. Here are a few of our finished designs: 

W/C: 17/12/2018


During our final few days, we have not only been celebrating Christmas but also celebrating our reading! We have worked really hard throughout the Autumn term to read both in school and at home and as a result we won the Key Stage Two reading race! As our reward we got to choose our own treat and after a vote, we decided we wanted to bake. On Monday and Tuesday we made some delicious Christmas tree cookies. 

W/C: 10/12/2018


This week we have started our festive celebrations by making our Christmas hats! We had a lot of fun making our reindeer hats and enjoyed wearing them on Thursday for our Christmas dinner. 

We have also finished out Art block where we have been looking at drawing light and dark. To close the unit, we looked at the artist Alberto Giacometti, who created sculptures of the human form. We were inspired by his work and created our own sculptures using pipe cleaners and tinfoil. Linking back to our Science work, we then used torches to form and draw their shadows. 


W/C: 3/12/2018


This week in Literacy, we have continued our work on creating images in poems. On Thursday, we looked at personification. First, we went outside and used the outdoor area to think of some personification sentences: 

Then we applied this learning inside, where we wrote personification poems about Winter. We were so proud of our writing and some of us even went to show Miss Froggatt our work! 

On Friday, we also completed another one of our forest school sessions (held inside this time because of the rain). In previous sessions, we had learnt how to tie a clove hitch knot and applied this to beginning to make a shadow puppet. This week, we learnt the skill of whittling wood and we applied this to whittling the arms and head of our shadow puppets. 

We then applied our Science learning, where we were asked to create an outfit for our puppets using at least one material that was opaque and one material that was translucent or transparent. We definitely made some interesting creations, have a look below: 


W/C: 26/11/2018


This week in Literacy we have been working on our descriptive language. We started by watching Michael Rosen perform his narrative poem 'Chocolate Cake'.

Watch the video here: 


Then we thought about how we would describe a chocolate cake. We worked as a group to think of some fabulous descriptive language including using metaphors and similes. Some of our favourites were: 


  • The icing is a river of flavour. 
  • A fountain of brown, gargantuan cake.
  • It is a mountain of chocolate, towering over the clouds


W/C: 19/11/2018


We have worked really hard this week. In Literacy we have been writing short stories based around the picture 'Captain Tory' taken from the book "The Mysteries of Harris Burdeck". 

In Maths, it has been all about fractions! As well as recognising fractions in different forms we learnt to count in different fractions. This was tricky but we persevered! 


W/C: 12/11/2018


Challenging stereotypes week 

This week has been all about challenging stereotypes in sports. We started by drawing what we thought a ballerina, a footballer, a rugby player and a boxer looks like: 


This led us to discuss lots of different stereotypes linked to gender in Sports. We recognised that men and women should be able to compete in all sports. We worked with year six to discuss this further and held debates around the following questions:

- 'Are men better at sports than women?'

- 'Should men and women be paid equally?'

Here we are working in groups to prepare our debate:


Using our discussions, we made adverts for sports people- thinking about the characteristics of a good sports person, not about their gender. 

W/C: 5/11/2018


On Thursday this week, we had our first forest school session of the year. We reminded ourselves of the rules whilst moving around the woods in different ways. Then we looked for Autumn signs by collecting leaves and creating our own colour pallets! We worked really well with the children in year three too: 


We then discussed the light and shadows in the woods, linked to our current Science topic. We used our knowledge of materials to create our own 'dark dens'. It really tested our team work skills! 

When we got back to school, we enjoyed taking part in the stacking cup world record attempt: 


W/C: 29/10/2018


We've certainly been very excitable this week with harvest assembly, halloween and bonfire night around the corner. We have however managed to work hard in our lessons and have produced some fabulous work in Literacy, where we have been learning about the present tense, past tense and past progressive. In the Afternoons, we have focused on e-safety and discussed a wide range of scenarios. Our Maths lessons have focused on shapes. We started by searching for different polygons outside before learning all about quadrilaterals. We  also learnt how to classify triangles and now recognise key vocabulary such as equilateral, isosceles and scalene.

Polygon Hunting

Applying our knowledge of shapes

W/C: 15/10/2018


Ancient Greek day 

We had a fabulous Ancient Greek day on Tuesday this week and looked amazing in all of our outfits. 

We began the day by creating our own laurel wreaths to show our importance. We were also given new Greek names- it was a lot of fun but very confusing for the teachers! 
After adding to our beautiful outfits, it was time to 'pray' to the Gods. We created our own dough 'sacrifices' to take with us. We made some interesting sheep, goats and cows. 
We realised that we needed to build our own Ancient Greek temples. So we went outside and got creative with sticks, leaves and anything else that we could find. Some of us made very small temples- whilst others went for a much larger structure! 
We ended the day with our own Ancient Greek Olympics. We were put into different city states and competed in events such as: horse riding, running, long jump, javelin, discus and trumpeting. 

W/C: 8/10/2018



In the afternoons this week we have focussed on Art. In particular, we have thought about different portraits. We drew each other and then used our imaginations to create a portrait of the Greek Gods. 

We then looked at Picasso's artwork and had a go at drawing in his style. 

W/C: 1/10/2018



This week, our Maths lessons have been all about multiplication! 


We've been looking at lots of different ways to represent our times table facts including through drawing, repeated addition, arrays, skip counting and word problems.


We also went on a hunt to find arrays around the school:

We've also been working on some Autumn art. Here's a sneak preview: 


W/C: 24/9/2018


Ancient Greek Olympics

This week, we have been learning all about the Olympics in Ancient Greece. We have learnt some particularly interesting facts- although the first one we all seem to remember is that they competed with no clothes on! 


As well as comparing modern Olympics and the ancient Olympics, we also wrote our own diary entries as if we were taking part. We looked at how facts about the Olympics had been discovered by looking at vases left behind and decided to make our own. 


Can you guess which events our vases are showing? 

W/C 17/9/2018



This week in maths, we have been applying our understanding of place value in solving addition problems. On Thursday, we learnt about the equals sign and could balance calculations. We were challenged with a game where we had to find problems which would balance- we followed this with some very tricky questions!


We have continued to work on Greek myths in Literacy- this time focusing on Perseus and Medusa! We enjoyed writing questions for the characters and really got into role whilst hot-seating. 

W/C 10/9/2018




This week we have focused our learning on Geography. We have learnt all about the country of Greece and have located it on maps and atlases. We have researched many aspects of the country and worked in groups to present our information.

In our Literacy lessons, we have been reading the Greek myth 'Theseus and the minotaur'. We used drama to re-enact the story and predict what happened next. We also worked on our description- especially creating suspense through 'show me don't tell me'. 

W/C 3/9/2018


Our first week in Year 4


The children have settled quickly into life in year four and have worked extremely hard this week in a range of lessons. 


In our PSHE lessons, we have learnt lots about one another and discussed all of the things that  make us unique and special. We thought about what it is like to be in a new situation, especially after reading the story 'The new kid' by Marie Louise Fitzpatrick. We thought of our own new situations and used drama to show how we would feel in these situations. We also began to write our own stories to help others that are facing new circumstances. 


In Maths, we have been exploring numbers with up to four digits using practical equipment. We have also learnt how to partition numbers in different ways. 

We have also been busy preparing for the upcoming celebration of the Manea allotments. We put our sewing skills to the test on Friday by making some lovely, giant strawberries. 

Please note: Our PE days will be on a Monday and Tuesday.