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Creating homes for the hedgehogs to help them hibernate

This week we are continuing with our work on light and dark.  This week we are discussing the different animals that may be seen at night.  These are called 'nocturnal' which is one of our new words this week!  In our forest school work we are looking at how we can create a home for a hedgehog - one of our nocturnal animals.  We will be investigating what we can use and where it would be best to be located. We are also creating our very own dark den - this will have torches to use inside so that we can look at our books - if we did not have the torches then we would not be able to see!

In our phonics we are learning four new sounds this week; g, o , c and k.  There are links to support this development in our home link work.  How many words can you find with these sounds in them?  Are the sounds at the beginning of the word?  In the middle or at the end?

In our maths focus work we are learning about more or less than - there is a great game to play in our home link information - enjoy!

We have also been developing our understanding of the paining 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh.  We have been creating swirly pictures using our fingers and also creating our very own stars.

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