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This week is our wellbeing week.  We are helping Percy and the animals with wellbeing activities and finding our about them ourselves. In our forest school we have been identifying our favourite place. We have then discussed what we see, hear and feel when we are in our favourite place.  We were also able to plant some more bulbs to help Percy!


In maths we are working hard on ordering the hedgehog's balloons according to size - we have found big balloons, small balloons and lots of balloons in between!


PE this week was learning a yoga story - all about a fox - we worked hard and talked about how this made us feel.


We have also been writing our diaries - we had a challenge to write as many sounds and words that we could when writing a recount about our weekend.  Mrs Attrill was so pleased that she took photographs of each of us with our work for our learning journeys!

We are also creating safety balloons this week - they are like safety circles but in a balloon!  We have to talk about who we trust and who we could go to if we were sad or upset.  Ask us who we chose!

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