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This week in maths, we have been carefully making colourful board games as a team. 

We had to design them from scratch and make everything needed in order to play them. we made  beautiful boards, counters, question cards and some of us even made boxes. 

We used the following to help us make our games





- Sellotape

-Colourful pens and pencils 

-Glue Sticks


Look below to see the wonderful games that we have created. It has been a lovely last year in Beech class but we are all excited to start our new adventures. 



W/C 9/7/18


This week in geography we looked at Manea and the human features that we could spot. We then used our knowledge of our village to create a map to the park. We then used google earth to see how accurate we were. Some groups got it spot on! We then spent time looking back at the four different types of sentence we have learnt this year.

This week we have been looking at instructions in our writing sessions. We used our homework task to make a medieval meal! we decided to make pottage and write instructions about it. We used our writing skills and our forest school skills to do so!

W/C 25.6.18


This week has been science week and our theme has been exploration and discovery! 

On Tuesday we looked at bubbles and explored how Soap helped reduce the surface tension. 

In the afternoon we made our own bubble wands to see if we could change the shape of a bubble and we discovered that we couldn't! 



This week we have been using our wonderful maths skills to measure ingredients to make a Margherita Pizza because we discovered that the name of the Pizza came from an Italian Queen! 


' My favourite part was making the base because we had to knead the dough'


'My favourite part was spreading the cheese because Cheese is delicious and it felt nice'



We have also began work on designing  our very own name plates in textiles!


This week we have been applying our skills from literacy and Maths in a range of castle related work!



This week we have been using the App 'Epic Citadal'. We used the app to help us describe a setting. We collected lots of adjectives and investigated how we can add the suffix 'ly' to some adjectives to create adverbs! 


In Maths we looked at different prices and we worked hard to find many ways of using coins to make the same amount. The children really enjoyed using our pretend money to support them.



This week we have been showing off everything we have learnt in maths and literacy this year. We also spent some time writing about things that we love about some very special people! We also use our art skills to tine the colour yellow until we had a re colour to create an African sunset for a piece of artwork that will be displayed at the Manea Gala.



This week we have been looking at 2D shapes and 3D shapes. We have been using mathematical language to describe the properties of shapes. We can now find the vertices, edges and faces of a 3D shape and we can also count the sides and corners of 2D shapes.




This week we have continued to learn about castles. We came up with the following questions.


  1. How do castles defend themselves?
  2. Who lived in castles?
  3. What animals would you find in a castle?
  4. What jobs could you have in a castle?


We then used to search safely for some answers. we made a booklet of information that we will use to write a report. 


Here is a castle that has been built in the classroom.




This week we worked on our enquiry by looking at the features of castles.We also had a very exciting but wet day visiting a real life castle! 



'We saw a moat that was used to defend the castle and it was very deep!'


'My favourite part was where the floor had disappeared '



In maths this week we have been revising how to find out a missing number from a calculation. We have had to do a lot of adding, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We have also been writing letters to Lord Howard of Rising to find out some information about our enquiry trip next week. 

In R.E we have been looking at the importance of the creation story in the Christian Religion.


This week we have been designing our own fantasy machine! 

We built them on Monday and then we planned and wrote an explanation text all about them! 



This week we have been looking at fractions in Maths. We have also been looking at describing a setting in a story. 


On Friday We used the laptops to complete a maths challenge using an interactive balance. We also had to do a routine in the hall to celebrate Sport Relief.




This week we have had a couple of forest school sessions with a focus on fire. We have prepared damper dough over the fire pit. We were also able to use our new kelly kettles to make hot chocolate. The children were able to gather fuel for the fire and even make sparks using our flint and steel. Once the fire was established they were able to drop fuel onto it in order to keep it burning. 

This week we celebrated world book day. The children came into the classroom to find lots of inference questions about the book 'The day the crayons quit'. They really enjoyed doing the challenges that the different Crayons had left them.


We have also started looking at symmetry using the geoboards! We found it tricky at first but using a mirror helped!



Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a celebration day for Chinese New Year.  We learnt all about the 12 animals that were in the Zodiac and found out about the story of why the cat did not make it into the Zodiac - ask us to find out who the cat does not like!


We then created dragon puppets, lanterns with Chinese numbers and wonderful Chinese fans.  They were red which is a lucky colour. We then spent time painting blossom onto trees which we will turn into large lanterns this week.  We also then carried out a dragon dance and also learnt all about a little girl who celebrated Chinese New Year and what she did to celebrate.  We then compared it to other celebrations that we already knew about.


We then discussed what our favourite part of the celebrations were and at the end of the day we collected all our items and also a fortune cookie.  What an interesting time.  



This week we have been doing lots of talking about maths.


We came across a character that said 


'I have added two one-digit numbers together. My answer can be divided by two. What are my numbers?' 


We came up with lots of numbers! What could his numbers have been?



We looked at what happens to single digit numbers together and tried to find patterns.




This week we have been using practical resources to help us create equal groups and share them between given numbers. 

We have also been using the song below to help us with our three times tables.




This week we have been using our forest school sessions to help us describe what could be in side the egg. We all decided that it was a dragon!

We read the following poem and created our own dragon inspired poems.


Anyone seen my DRAGON?

Scary, Scaly

Tall ‘n Taily

Daisy the Dreadful Dragon.


She’s got bad breath.

A temper true.

Eats old ladies. (Children too.)


She breathes out fire.

She puffs out smoke.

She’ll singe your hair.  She’ll make you choke.


Anyone seen my DRAGON?...


She soars about.

She seeks out food.

Makes loud noises. (Mainly rude.)


Yes, she’s grumpy.

Yes, she’s smelly.

Big Butt always blocks the telly.


And she’s beastly.

And a pest.

But I love her. (She’s the best.)


Please send Daisy Back to me.

Treat her well.

Or you’ll be tea… Anyone seen my DRAGON?...


James Carter





On Tuesday the 16th of January 2018 we had our first forest school session of year two. When we had finished come and read we had to get ready for our forest school session. We have to make sure we wear coats, warm clothes, wellies, scarves, hats, gloves and ear muffs. We found our carpet partner and lined up at the back door. Once we were all ready we started walking to the beautiful woods. We crossed the grassy school field and went through the new gate. 

When we got to our forest school location Mr Lenton sent us off to find five interesting things each. As we were searching some of us found something very special indeed. 



We found some beautiful, shiny eggs under a tall, skinny tree. we spoke about the eggs and some of us thought they could be fish eggs because they had scales on them. We then decided that they would definitely not be fish eggs because they lay their eggs in water. We then decided that they were dragon eggs so Mr Lenton told us to use our interesting things to make a picture of what we think is inside the magical, wonderful eggs.


We then did some writing activities with Mr Lenton or Miss Lacey.


What a wonderful time we had!


'Forest school was brilliant'


'I had fun at the epic forest school'



W/C: 8/1/18


This week in literacy we have been finishing our recounts about our Christmas day. In maths, we have been looking at grouping numbers and what makes an equal group. 

In our enquiry work we have located China on a world map, we were able to find the capital city of Bejing and two famous rivers. We created our own map of China out of salt dough and we are going to paint and label it next week. We have also had a Chinese takeaway in our maths area and a dragon has been asking us to find out the cost of the different meals.



W/C: 1/1/18


Happy New Year!


This week we have been writing all about our Christmas Holidays. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. We have begun our journey into our new enquiry 'What a magical world!'. We have decided to look at the country of China.



This week we have been looking at letter writing. We received a letter that a boy called Charlie wrote to Santa. We were able to discuss lots of questions about it and even compared it to a letter that Gwen had written. We are all really looking forward to writing our own letters next week! 





This week we have been learning more about commas in lists and writing our own instructions about growing sea monkeys. 


Throughout the week we have been listening to different stories.


Our favourite story has been 'The Family Book'  because we were able to celebrate lots of different kinds of families. 


In maths, we have been learning to add two 2 digit numbers. See how we do it below.

We have also looked at artists who are unable to use their hands to hold their paintbrushes. We found that some artists used their mouths or feet to hold their paint brushes. We wondered what if this was hard to do, so we gave it a try!



This week we have been super busy! We have been looking at writing commands, ready to write a set of instructions to grow our own pets. We also took part in a record-setting attempt! This week also brought the arrival of our own sea monkeys!


This week we have been learning about different sentence types. We have been looking at exclamatory sentences. So the children have thought of the captions for this week's pictures. 

To find out what we have been doing this week. Follow this link:



This week the children have used their interests to form groups to research different famous people from history. We have medical, inventors, royalty and family. the children were all very excited to find out about their area. Please let us know if you think you would be a valuable resource to interview!

The construction area has been very busy this week with lots of hospitals being made. Some of us even decided to write our own questions!



WOW! We have had a lovely creative week.


In literacy, we have been continuing writing our new versions of the three little pigs. In maths, we have been looking back at our counting patterns and we are beginning to count in threes!


We also showed off our fantastic work for the D+T week at the marketplace click the link below to see pictures of the event.


On Friday we explored the work of Michelle Reader who used recyclable items to create her pieces of art. Come and see what we made during come and read next week!


Update: There is now a subpage above that links to some of the resources we use in class so children can use them at home.  



Wow! Our week has been a very busy one! We have been using out D+T skills to design something very special for the three little pigs. We will share everything at the marketplace next Monday!


In literacy we have been changing the story of 'The Three Little Pigs into 'The Three Giant Ducks'. We also looked at writing expanded noun phrases! 

W/C: 18/9/17


This week we have been exploring tens and ones using Part Whole models. We are beginning to understand how numbers can be partitioned it lots of different ways.


In literacy, we have been exploring the story of the three little pigs. We have used masks, small world and maps to retell the story.


In our enquiry work, we have been sharing what we know about important people. We are making a special book about who we know about now. Next week we will be thinking about what we want to learn about. 


On Friday we met the little pig who built his house out of bricks so we asked him some questions.

W/C 11/09/17


This week we have been continuing to get used to our classroom and learning how we can use each of the areas to practice our skills. We have been sharing our all about me boxes and learning how to keep people interested in what we were saying. We also thought of questions to ask our friends about their box. 


There has been some excellent learning taking place this week,  towers being built and measured using cm's, finding out about the history of football and some lovely writing. 


The children are really enjoying the challenges and have all completed the most important ones.


Take a look at the pictures below.

Welcome to Beech Class' page!

We have enjoyed our first week back and exploring our new classroom.  Our favourite area at the moment is the dough area because we get to make our own dough. We have been learning about the work of Marc Quinn. We used the dough area to make sculptures of his hands just like he did.


We are also really enjoying our maths area too, especially the challenges we have to complete!