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21st May 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the wonderful sunshine as we come to the end of what is in theory the first half of the Summer term! Work is being put up today, but WON'T be put up next Thursday.

Instead, from now on, online work will now be uploaded on MONDAYS. This begins from JUNE 1ST. 

With that out the way, let's see some of your fantastic work!




And so it comes to this! Over the course of the half term, you have designed, run and improved your very own theme park. This has been a task that involved maths in the real world, and you will have probably learnt a bit about how businesses are run!


This week, you have one thing left to do- finish the remaining tasks! How much money have you managed to make? Send it in, and let's see who the best theme park operator in Manea is!


Due to the fact that I expect you to be going back through your work and making sure your calculations are correct before the final count, there won't be any additional maths this week. See if you can spot your errors and make any final amendments, otherwise the government might have to get involved and you could be in a lot of trouble!




I would like to share with you two Comic Book videos that have been sent in, which I am highly impressed with. These children clearly have far more natural talent at film making than their teacher- I think I could do with some tips from them!

Mixamus the Great

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

I haven't actually received any comic books yet, but hopefully I'll get to share your efforts on our next page update!


With the new half term approaching, and the super hero project just finished, I would like us to take a week off from heavy and focused writing. The weather is due to be lovely next week (don't let me down BBC weather app), and so I want us to embrace nature!




I would like you to spend some time outside, be it in your garden or anywhere else you go. Enjoy the weather, take in everything around you, and write some poetry about it all. Here are the 4 types of poem I would like you to write.


- Haiku/ Tanka

- Acrostic poem

- Rhyming poem

- Shape poem


Use all your senses. Close your eyes and just listen to everything for one minute. What can you hear? What can you smell? When writing, focus in on your vocabulary. 

Below is a haiku I've quickly written whilst sat in the garden as an example:


Chirping and soaring,

Warming rays of joy beam down,
And they are at peace.


What do you think I'm writing about? Try a variety of tones too, for example you could write a humorous rhyming one! 




Evolution. What is it? Have you heard of it? Without giving too much away, it explains how and why we are who we are... that's pretty exciting!


There is a place in the world which inspired Charles Darwin to create his Theory of Evolution, and that is the Galapagos Islands. It is an incredible place, and has many wonders.


I have kept the rest of the work this week reasonably small, because I want you to be able to spend some time learning about the Galapagos Islands. The overall goal is to create a fact file about the different creatures and how they adapted to the environment over many, many years. Here are some tips for you: Watch this first. is a great place for research.

- Two of the most famous evolutionary parts of the Galapagos are the finches (birds) and tortoises. It's truly fascinating to see how evolution happened.


As always, how you present this is up to you. A powerpoint would be great, but a little booklet, some pictures, there are even some experiments you can find out there to try. If you need any help finding things just let me know. 



The Extra Bits


Make sure you check out this week's PE Challenge- not only does it feature a 'celebrity', but the challenge itself is very easy to do and I want to see as many examples of you exercising as possible this week!


Maths problem of the week


Make 589 using:


100   7   25   4   9   50


Riddle of the week


I'm tall when I'm young and I'm short when I'm old. What am I?

Reading and Mrs Wordsmith


As always, keep up the reading and AR tests. Here are your sheets for the week.