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W/B 4.9.23

What an exciting start we have had to our new term! All of the children have settled in very well and have enjoyed exploring their new classrooms and outdoor areas.

Our Provision challenges have all been based on Room on The Broom and we have made some spectacular brooms in block and Lego!



This week we have all been thinking about how we can do our best work in Literacy lessons. We have practised different pencil grips and have tried our best to sit all of our letters on the line. 



Year 1 have been sorting objects and representing amounts using counters and numbers. We have also enjoyed sorting the twigs and leaves in our outdoor area.

Year 2 have begun learning about place value and being able to recognise tens and ones. We have also been counting in 10's.



Our first topic has been History and we have been thinking about how technology has changed over the last 60 years. We have thought about different ways people speak to each other and how technology helps us to communicate.