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To use simple sketch maps to show how land is used.

To draw a simple sketch map.

Ada drew the map below quickly to show someone else the key features of the area to help them find a particular place.

What places can you spot from Ada’s map?

Can you see the park?

Can you spot the bowling alley?

What kinds of buildings does Ada identify? (For example: shops and restaurants, gym, cash

Could you give instructions for someone coming from the Youth Club to the no 36 bus stop? (For example: Down Silver St, towards Nelson St, turn left. At the traffic lights turn right. Past the cinema & gym then turn left onto Newgate. The bus stop is on the left after the shopping centre.)


What Can You See Now?


Compare Ada’s sketch map to the same area as shown on Google Maps.

Can you see the same things? The shopping centre? What places has Ada missed off from her map?

Why did she do that? Do any of Ada’s sketches/annotations make sense now you have seen the published map? (For example: dots for bus stops, £ for banks, trees in the park, abbreviations for some locations such as s/market for a supermarket)

What is around us?

Look at the two different map views of the area around our school. What key landmarks do we have around us? How would this look as a sketch map? 


What Can I see?


Using the Sketch Map Activity Sheet, draw a simple sketch map of a short familiar journey, for example, the journey to school.


*Children create a simple illustrated map of a familiar journey.

**Children create a sketch map including key landmarks and road names where possible.

***Children create a sketch map including key landmarks and road names, and considering
ways to show approximate distances between places.