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Each homework activity has been split into three groups. Please email if you would like guidance on which challenge is suitable for your child.


In year three children are expected to read five times a week. Accelerated reader will soon be available to most children and will be able to take quizzes in class during various points of the day. Feel free to e-mail about the different books you are reading at home.


Accelerated Reader are currently allowing the service to be used at home. 

 Here is our link for the service: 

If your child has forgotten their username and password please feel free to e-mail for these details. 




Medium Spicy Hot
to  washed washed
do  winked winked
so blinked blinked
he jumped jumped
she planned thumped
me stepped planned
be skipped stepped
  shunned skipped
  claimed hopped
  feared shunned




Maths: column method for addition - no carrying of digits

This video will show you how to use the column method for addition in it's simplest form where there is no carrying of digits. We use the terms ONES instead of units. Please use these rules when adding three digit numbers. Ask your child what is the value of each digit.


Watch the myth below

The Myth of Prometheus | The Stealing of Fire From Gods | Greek Mythology

The Myth of Prometheus | The Stealing of Fire From Gods | Greek Mythology Prometheus was the son of the Titan Iapetus and the Oceanid Clymene. Even though a ...

Medium: Draw a picture of your favourite character from the story. What words can you use to describe them? 


Spicy: Sequence the events of the story into a 6 framed comic strip (Example attached but this can be drawn). Can you re-tell the story in your own words.


Hot: Sequence the events of the story using time connectives. Ensure your sentences open in a variety of different ways.