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To make a sandwich to fit the design brief.


Today you are going to create the sandwich you designed yesterday. You may make some changes to your sandwiches based on the information you will learn below.


There are many ways that vegetables and other foods can be prepared. You must always make sure an adult is helping you when you are preparing food with certain utensils.


The first method of preparation we will look at is grating. This is commonly used for cheese but you can also use it to grate some fruits and vegetables. The video below shows you how to grate cheese. Remember you can prepare some of your vegetables in the same way. 


How to Grate Cheese - Cooking with Kids demonstrates how to great cheese - a skill that will allow you to make your pasta and pizza perfect.Steps1. Start with washing your...

The next methods we are going to look at are the 'Bridge' and 'Claw' methods.  watch the video below. Remember do not try this unless an adult is helping you.

Knife Skills - Bridge and Claw method

Adopt a School chef, Idris Caldora, demonstrates the 'bridge' and 'claw' methods to safely cut and prepare fruit and vegetables.

Finally the last thing you need to know what to do is to spread butter on a piece of bread. Ask an adult to show you how this is done!


Now you have looked at different methods of preparation  you now need to make your design.

Did you change anything? 

What was the most challenging aspect of this project?



We can't wait to see what your sandwiches look like!