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Celebrations from last week...

Hello Ash Class! I hope you have all had a lovely week with your family and enjoyed all of the celebrations for VE day last week. I particularly enjoyed seeing all of the decorations around Manea when I have been out for a walk.

Once again, I've received some lovely photographs of your work, which you can see below.


VE day celebrations

Other learning this week...

This week's challenges: 

There's so much in the news at the moment, and so many things in our lives that have changed, that it's important to stay calm and give yourself some time to relax. Here's an activity that could help you when things get a bit too much, or could be an activity that you use to help you get in the right frame of mind for working (thank you to the parent that sent this over). 


Last week you designed your own machines for Willy Wonka's factory, which would create a new chocolate bar or sweet. 



Activity 1: For the first activity this week, I would like you to now write an explanation text about your new machine. This needs to include sub-headings such and make sure you explain how it works in chronological order. Your text should have clear paragraphs.  You should also include label diagrams within your text and don't forget a clear introduction and conclusion. I have added the feature checklist we looked at a few weeks ago below- alongside an example to help if you need it. 

Activity 2: Watch the video to see the writing challenge that Mrs Revell has set for you

Boxing clever with Mrs Revell

Still image for this video


This week, I want you to focus on referencing the text when making inferences about characters. For example 'I know Miss Bridges has a child, because the text says she bought nappies from the shop' etc. 


Below I have attached two extracts from Charlie and the chocolate factory. The first is about Charlie and the second is about Mr Salt (there's no need to print these). I would like you to make inferences about the characters using the text- I should see the words "I know this because"... in every sentence. Please do a minimum of four sentences for each extract. 

The extracts were from the website: 

Mrs Wordsmith

This week's words are: Colossal Shrivelled Sheepish 


- Can you find out the meaning of these words?

-Write sentences containing this words

-Can you write a list of synonyms for each word?

-Can you create your own actions to help you remember these words? You can find this and send it to me for the website next week


I would like you to imagine that there is now a ban on any child eating chocolate. Do you agree with this? Pair up with someone in your home, one of you should take on the role of someone that believes chocolate should be banned for children and the other person should say that it shouldn't be banned. How long can you debate for? Don't forget to plan your ideas before you start. If you're feeling brave you could film it so that I can see. 


Well-being/outdoor learning

Have you ever had a worry that you've found hard to talk about? In the villages of Guatemala in South America, children tell their worries to a small doll and then tuck it under their pillows at night to take their worries away. This week I would like you to make your own worry doll using natural resources that you can find in the garden. Please find the information in the attached document. Don't forget grown ups are also great to tell all of your worries to, maybe you could write them down with an adult and put them in the arms of the worry doll. 



This week we are thinking about statistics. Our objectives are as followed:


  • interpret and present discrete and continuous data using appropriate graphical methods, including bar charts and time graphs
  • solve comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in bar charts, pictograms, tables and other graphs


This week let's focus on bar charts.

Activity 1: Collect your own data. It's your choice what you do this on. It could be that you sit in your garden and count all the different types of insect you see. You could speak to your family on the phone and find out the most popular chocolate bar. You could research data on the internet (the higher the number the better). Display this data in a Tally chart.


Activity 2: Present your data in a bar chart. You'll need to use a ruler and carefully work out your scale- make sure each section is the same. 


Activity 3: Ask yourself questions about your graph e.g. what is the difference between the number of children that chose blue and green? How many children were asked in total? etc. 


Activity 4: Try some of these challenges (remember no need to print) 

Activity 5: Play level 3 on the following game: 


So far in DT, we have explored existing shell structure packaging. We designed out own and explored using nets to make a box. Last week you had the challenge of making your boxes. This week you need to evaluate it.


Use the following headings- and don't forget to draw a picture:

- What went well

- Challenges I faced

- How I dealt with my challenges 

-Things I would change next time 


In the last few weeks, we have thought a lot about chocolate- But where did chocolate come from? When was the first chocolate bar made? Which country did chocolate come from? This week I would like you to find out about the history of chocolate. 

- First create a brainstorm of everything you would like to know. 

- Read the timeline of information in the PowerPoint below. 

- Use a search engine to find facts our about the history of chocolate. 

- Present your findings in a way that you would like, you could create a poster, a video, a leaflet- it's up to you. 

- Treat yourself by asking your adults if you can make a Mayan hot chocolate. 

Chocolate: A short but sweet history | Episode 3 | BBC Ideas

Chocolate, food of the gods! Its history goes back thousands of years so here's a quick look at how we came to eat chocolate in the first place - where it's ...

Need something extra...?

Some of the adults in school have created extra pages to keep you busy at home. Don't forget to check out Mrs Kyne's cooking page, Mr Lenton's outdoor learning page and Mrs Johnson's story page where you can listen to The Demon Dentist by David Walliams. Mr Tull has also added a new Pe challenge for you to try. 

Remember if you have any questions or want to share your work with us get your parents to email the class email address:


Thank you- keep up the hard work and be the best that you can be. 


 Miss Bridges and Mrs Revell.