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Monday 29th June 2020

Hello Beech Class.


Well done for some more brilliant work!

Hi Beech Class 29th June

Have a look at the photos of your friends- I’m waiting for a few more to come in so do check back!


This week, I need your help!


Since we’ve been away from school I decided to try and grow some plants… it’s not going very well!

I need you to give me some advice! How can I help my plants to grow and flourish? I need to know how to keep the plants that I do have healthy. What do they need?

Please send help! You could record a video telling me what I should do, you could write some tips- anything! Have you grown any plants? Do you know anyone who is excellent at growing plants that you could speak to? I know there was a sunflower completion going on- maybe you have some expert tips for me! Just please help me to save my plants!


I’ve found a little bit of information about plants- maybe you could use this to help you work out what to suggest to me.

The Needs of a Plant (song for kids about 5 things plants need to live)

The Needs of a Plant 5 things plants need to stay alive To purchase this song in video format (.mp4) or audio format (.m4a), please visit www.harrykindergart...

Keep up with Joe Wicks online PE lessons!


This week we will be thinking about money.

In Year 2 you need to be able to use different coins to make the same amount.

Have a look at these three collections of coins. I think there is a mistake! One of them does not add up to the same amount as the other two. Which one is not quite right? How can you fix it? Is there more than one way?

As you can see you can use different coins to make the same amount. Your challenge or the week is to explore this. I have added a document with some different prices on that you could use- or you could make your own and challenge yourself! Your job is to find as many ways as you can to make a given price.

I have added a sheet with coins on that you could use, you could also use real coins or draw the coins and label them.

You could also have a look at this link for some other ideas about how you can practise your learning about money.

Or one of my favourite games!


This week I have added a few poems to the website all about seeds and growing. I would like you to choose your favourite poem and then complete the following tasks using it.

  1. Learn your poem. Practice reading it aloud and see if you can remember parts of it without looking at it. You could add some of your own actions to make it into a performance. (I would love to see some videos of you performing your poems!)
  2. Add a new stanza (this is the word that we use to talk about a paragraph in a poem) to your poem. Last week your maths you were looking for patterns, you will need to look for the pattern in the poem you have chosen and then your new stanza will need to follow the pattern. You will need to look out for rhyming words and how many lines each stanza is.
  3. Once you have added your new stanza, I’d then like you to work on writing your poem out in a beautiful way. You will need to use your very best handwriting but you could also add a border or some beautiful illustrations!

Have a look at this week’s wellbeing tips!