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song time

We love having song time.  This is an important part of our learning and we work very hard to learn and sing various songs.  These can be related to our main focus of learning or simply songs that we enjoy.  Please see the home learning link each week to give you more information.  Here are some for your information:

Sorting - STEAM Song l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

What is this family of bears going to do with their basket of fruits? Come and find out what they do with the red, blue, green, yellow, and purple fruits! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: [CHORUS] This is a story about a family of bears On a picnic without any cares Oh, they're sorting out a basket of colorful fruits Just a family of bears, what a hoot!

Phonics Song 2

It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter. This is designed to help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet. Written and performed by A.J.Jenkins Copyright 2009 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123. All rights reserved. This is an ORIGINAL song written in 2009 - any copying is illegal.

The Shapes Song

It's a shapes song. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video by KidsTV123. Copyright 2011 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123: All rights reserved This is an ORIGINAL song written in 2011 - any copying is illegal. For MP3s, worksheets and much more: kids songs song for children Chords for this song DGDDAD GDGDAD I'm a square.

10 Little Numbers

A numbers song to the ten little tune. It's designed to help children learn the names and the spelling of numbers. Original arrangement by A.J. Jenkins. Performed by A.J. Jenkins. Original verse by A.J. Jenkins from 0.32 to 1.13 is an original tune. Copying this tune is copyright theft.

Let's Count to 20 Song For Kids

Let's sing and count to 20 in this fun children's song! Song now available on Spotify! Search Dream English Kids Original song by Matt Support Dream English, please have a look at what we have to offer: Join us on Facebook:

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer | Songs You Need to sing in the Classroom | Twinkl

There's five! .. Then there's four! ... Then Three! Make the classroom circle time extra fun by singing this super catchy song! It's also great because it your students will get to practice counting down from five! (We like to sneak a little learning into our fun 😉 ) Check out Twinkl Go!

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.

Join in with Tony and the Kids. When Goldiocks went to the house of the bears is taken from the original 'Twinkle twinkle little star' DVD. To find out more, go to

Kids Songs - Ten Little Owls - Counting for Kids

A fun animated video and song about Ten Little Owls Sitting on a Branch. Learn to count to ten with our original song about Ten Little Owls. DJC Kids features nursery rhymes, children songs, and animated stories perfect for kids! Watch our videos and read our books for fun education, music, and activities for children!