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Home learning: Tuesday 15th September

              Good morning Ash class! 

We hope you are all doing well at home and ready for a busy day of home learning. Don't forget to send us photos of your lovely work using the ash class email address- it's We can't wait to see what you have been up to! 



On Thursday last week, we spoke a lot about how important it is to be kind. 


Let's start today by thinking about how you can be kind to people in your household. How many times can you make them smile unexpectedly throughout the day?

Activity one: Well-being


Continue listening to the book "Here we are" using the video link below. 

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Listen to this wonderful guide to planet earth and look at the beautiful illustrations.

Right at the end of the book, the author writes "You are never alone on Planet Earth". Have a think about who you would ask any of your questions to. Who is in your support network? 


Now think about the wider communities you are part of, this could be the Manea Primary School Community, or perhaps you are part of a football club community, brownies etc. We can be part of many small communities which make up one big community- the world!


Task: Draw a picture of yourself, around you draw pictures to represent all of the different communities that you are part of. 


What do you think are qualities which you should have in order to be part of one of your communities? 

Activity two: Literacy

Complete the following task. Don't forget to describe the planet Earth using lots of interesting adjectives so that people want to visit. 

Activity three: Maths 

  • We've been working on our four times tables. Warm yourselves up today by practising it once more. Can you recite it whilst jumping up and down? How about reciting it backwards whilst throwing a ball up and down? 


This week, we looked a lot at place value. Can you use your knowledge of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones to solve the following problems?




Now practise ordering four digit numbers, for example 6548, 9021, 1097. 1062. You can make up your own questions but try to do at least four sets. If you want to enjoy the sunshine, why not do them outside with chalks? Or paint with water on the floor? 


Fancy a challenge? 


Watch the video below to learn all about negative numbers. Then include some of these when ordering. 

BBC - Quiff and Boot - Negative Numbers

Activity four: Reading

Using your school reading book, or another book from around your house, create a character description for the main character. Look for clues in the text, e.g. I know he is around 11 years old because it says he put on his school uniform and was going to be in year six. 

Activity Five: PE

#ThisIsPE - Footwork patterns Kids need to learn how to be nimble on their feet, and this 'footwork patterns' game from experienced PE teacher, Alex Ogden,...