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This week we are beginning our Percy Challenges.  We have carried out a learning walk with Mrs Goude, discussing the different ways that we can continue Percy stories using our outdoor activities.  We had lots of wonderful ideas!


We have also been creating bird feeders.  We have used bird seed, lard, cereal and string.  We have created lots of wonderful feeders and will be watching to see the different birds that enjoy them!  We have written instructions to show everyone else how to create the feeders - did you know you......

Melt - the lard 

Mix - the lard and the seed

Set - let the feeder set

In our literacy we have been writing captions about Ice - we have recapped what we learnt last week and discussed the information we had gathered.  We then used this to help us in our writing.  We listened carefully to sounds in words and used our formation knowledge to ensure that we were forming each letter correctly.

In maths we have been ordering numbers, counting and saying one more or one less than - we are getting very good at this!  Miss Denton then hid a number from the number line and we had to try and guess what was missing - it was great fun!

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